Crushing On: NG Collective Studio

NG Collective  - Leary

ng collective - klara

First, thank you for all your comments and emails on my post earlier this week. Versus other personal essays, for whatever reason it felt a little scarier to hit publish on this one, so it made me happy and relieved to know that so many of you share similar experiences, or that my own journey gave you a new perspective in some way. That was awesome.

Let’s segue into something that I love daydreaming about: decorating new spaces. Is there anything better than the excitement of moving into a new space and acquiring new pieces to make it feel like home? I think not. It’s probably that feeling of “blank slate” and starting over that makes it feel so good, but whatever the reason, I ain’t arguing with it. 

As you might’ve noticed, I never really shared a full home tour of our New York apartment, primarily because I felt like it was never totally done. I can now admit to you that this was because since we realized we might not stay here for the long haul, we didn’t want to invest in certain pieces. We still don’t know how long we’ll stay in our new SF apartment (I am hoping at minimum two years, lest I go crazy from moving so much), but one thing I am finally putting my foot down on is investing in a little bit of artwork. Our current artwork sitch is pretty abysmal — I have some old prints and things that I purchased years ago that I no longer love (cue discussion about blogging and gallery wall ubiquity, but that’s another post), and the few pieces of art or prints we have around that I do love are certainly not enough to decorate an entire apartment.

kenova - ng collective

lewiston pillow cover - ng collective

Meg recently introduced me to NG Collective Studio — it was actually through our last B Bar linkup. I’m now just as obsessed! Sister duo Laura Naples and Kristen Giorgi run this studio together, and I think their methodology is really interesting. Laura lives in Ohio, while Kristen is based in Georgia, and they work independently, but come together to critique one another’s work and map where their heads are artistically. I think the end result is a collection that feels varied, but still somehow really cohesive. One thing I really appreciate about their works is how energetic they all are, while still having a feeling of peace and tranquility. It’s a really cool aspect that I’d love to have in my home.

mini 91 - ng collective

konfetti II cover - ng collective

The studio offers hand-painted pillow cases if you’re looking to jazz up a sofa, but I’m especially intrigued by the gals’ collection of mini-paintings. These are small works that are super affordable, and still give anyone an opportunity to have painted art in their home. I’m considering scooping up a few of these to make a series in a hallway or something…but for now, I’m waiting to get into our space to see how it feels and what it needs. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that part in my last post — we rented our SF apartment sight unseen (!!!!).

mini 112 - ng collective

mini 23 - ng collective

Enjoy browsing through NG Collective’s galleries here and here; you can check out the mini-paintings here, and textiles and a few other accessories here. All the works I chose for this post are listed below, if you want to learn more about them!

Works, in order from top to bottom:

Leary  |  Klara  |  Kenova  |  Lewiston pillow cover  |  Mini 91  |  Konfetti II pillow cover  |  Mini 112  |  Mini 23


  1. 3.12.15

    In love with this one: And only 50 dollars! I’m so sad it’s already sold. I wonder if I could commission them for something similar. I love the colors and the brushstrokes.

    • 3.12.15

      Probably! Always worth asking. I would keep checking the Minis page too. Since I looked at it last week, I felt like more things had been added — I think they probably frequently update it.

  2. 3.12.15

    Beautiful! Banking for future reference. Can’t wait to see where your new SF place is! We have to book a lunch date with my little when you’re settled!

  3. 3.12.15

    I actually am now the owner of that awesome Kenova, as well as another one of their works on paper and in addition to that 4 minis!! I had been obsessed with their work since Meg mentioned them and have been buying up as many as I can. Our home is pretty much filled with nothing but NG Collective artwork, lol.

  4. 4.1.15
    Whitney said:

    Swoon! These are beautiful. Thanks for the introduction.

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