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the three types of instagram accounts I like to follow

Remember last month’s link up? Well, Meg and I love the idea of making this a monthly thing, and it’s time again for this month’s topic! You can read more about the linkup and prompt here, but the question everyone will be answering today is this:


Who are your three favorite instagrammers, and why?


And now, I’ll level with you: there was absolutely no way I could narrow it down to three individual accounts, but in looking through the accounts I love to follow, there was a very clear theme: I love to follow photographers who post awesome urban or natural landscapes, I love following lettering and type artists, and I LOVE meme accounts that make me laugh. It is guaranteed that if I click on any of the four ‘hilarious’ accounts, I will see something that will make me chuckle (and probably want to tag a friend in to spread the laughs). The photographers? I mean, we’re just dealing with people that are incredibly talented and can compose a beautiful piece of art. The letterers? Same story. Both always leave me feeling in awe and inspired.

Here are some of my favorite accounts in each category:


@Fliickman  |  @twheat  |  @bdorts  |  @AlexStrohl  |  @WithHearts


@GoodType  |  @DailyLetterings  |  @bijdevleet  |  @TheDailyType  |  @TristanB


@BeigeCardigan  |  @FuckJerry  |  @TheFatJewish  |  @Betches

And, here are all the bloggers participating in today’s linkup. Each of these folks have shared THEIR favorite Instagrammers, so be sure to click on any of the blogs below to discover some new accounts to follow!


Hope you enjoy!

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  1. The best funny picks. @thefatjewish and @fuckjerry are hilarious!

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  2. Abby wrote:

    I love how you split it into categories! Off to go follow all of those photographers!

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  3. Great picks, Victoria. I like how you separated your faves by category. Love @TristanB and Besotted Blog. The @WithHearts feed is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  4. @dailyletterings is good stuff…..but they all are! Thanks for hosting such a great link up. The topic couldn’t have been more perfect :)

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  5. Alexandra wrote:

    Fabulous round up of Instagrams! Love the categories you chose. I followed betches instantly :)

    Warm Regards,

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  6. Tristan B. wrote:

    Wow, thank you! I always find such great finds from you, my husband is going to hate it that I am consumed by Instagram for the next week, lol!

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  7. Oh my goodness. That “betches” account. I’m so subscribed now.

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  8. I found @Betches from you and LOVE it. :)

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  9. Love Alex Strohl’s feed! I’m such a sucker for landscape photography and how beautifully it displays our little world! Just added a handful of destinations to my must see list based off his images alone. Thanks for sharing!

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  10. I completely understand the challenge of working out your favourite accounts – I’m off to check out your picks now! (The categories will make this easy haha.) Thanks Victoria!

    Girl for Granted

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  11. Connie wrote:

    Love how you broke these into themes! Thanks for sharing & I cannot wait for the next link-up.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  12. Just to add to the mix: Any dog people out there will LOVE @barkbox’s Instagram so long as you’re up for some pretty off-beat, quirky humor. Their captions are hilarious and the background music is spot-on.

    18 Feb 2015 · Reply
  13. LOVE this idea for a linkup series! I’m so addicted to Instagram that I’m already following a bunch of these, but I’ll definitely have to check out those photography accounts! I, too, am obsessed with the hand letterers of Instagram. :D

    xo Melyssa
    The Nectar Collective

    19 Feb 2015 · Reply
  14. Rose wrote:

    I LOVE this! And that you included a photographer or two I recommended to you :) I just discovered a few more through you…and I’m going to go check out a lot of the other favorites! I love finding new, good, non-fashion-blog accounts to follow.

    19 Feb 2015 · Reply
    • Ack! I actually meant to go through your email and give you a shout out in case any of these were from your referrals…and then I promptly forgot to do that once I wrote the post. I think your recs via email are what led me to a bunch of these other accounts! :)

      19 Feb 2015 · Reply
  15. Allison wrote:

    I love how you broke your favorites into categories! I’d feel the same indecision if someone asked me my favorite song or movie! Great choices.

    21 Feb 2015 · Reply
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