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the three types of instagram accounts I like to follow

Remember last month’s link up? Well, Meg and I love the idea of making this a monthly thing, and it’s time again for this month’s topic! You can read more about the linkup and prompt here, but the question everyone will be answering today is this:


Who are your three favorite instagrammers, and why?


And now, I’ll level with you: there was absolutely no way I could narrow it down to three individual accounts, but in looking through the accounts I love to follow, there was a very clear theme: I love to follow photographers who post awesome urban or natural landscapes, I love following lettering and type artists, and I LOVE meme accounts that make me laugh. It is guaranteed that if I click on any of the four ‘hilarious’ accounts, I will see something that will make me chuckle (and probably want to tag a friend in to spread the laughs). The photographers? I mean, we’re just dealing with people that are incredibly talented and can compose a beautiful piece of art. The letterers? Same story. Both always leave me feeling in awe and inspired.

Here are some of my favorite accounts in each category:


@Fliickman  |  @twheat  |  @bdorts  |  @AlexStrohl  |  @WithHearts


@GoodType  |  @DailyLetterings  |  @bijdevleet  |  @TheDailyType  |  @TristanB


@BeigeCardigan  |  @FuckJerry  |  @TheFatJewish  |  @Betches


  1. 2.18.15

    The best funny picks. @thefatjewish and @fuckjerry are hilarious!

  2. 2.18.15
    Abby said:

    I love how you split it into categories! Off to go follow all of those photographers!

  3. 2.18.15

    Great picks, Victoria. I like how you separated your faves by category. Love @TristanB and Besotted Blog. The @WithHearts feed is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!

  4. 2.18.15

    @dailyletterings is good stuff…..but they all are! Thanks for hosting such a great link up. The topic couldn’t have been more perfect :)

  5. 2.18.15
    Alexandra said:

    Fabulous round up of Instagrams! Love the categories you chose. I followed betches instantly :)

    Warm Regards,

  6. 2.18.15

    Wow, thank you! I always find such great finds from you, my husband is going to hate it that I am consumed by Instagram for the next week, lol!

  7. 2.18.15

    Oh my goodness. That “betches” account. I’m so subscribed now.

  8. 2.18.15

    I found @Betches from you and LOVE it. :)

  9. 2.18.15

    Love Alex Strohl’s feed! I’m such a sucker for landscape photography and how beautifully it displays our little world! Just added a handful of destinations to my must see list based off his images alone. Thanks for sharing!

  10. 2.18.15

    I completely understand the challenge of working out your favourite accounts – I’m off to check out your picks now! (The categories will make this easy haha.) Thanks Victoria!

    Girl for Granted

  11. 2.18.15
    Connie said:

    Love how you broke these into themes! Thanks for sharing & I cannot wait for the next link-up.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  12. 2.18.15

    Just to add to the mix: Any dog people out there will LOVE @barkbox’s Instagram so long as you’re up for some pretty off-beat, quirky humor. Their captions are hilarious and the background music is spot-on.

  13. 2.19.15

    LOVE this idea for a linkup series! I’m so addicted to Instagram that I’m already following a bunch of these, but I’ll definitely have to check out those photography accounts! I, too, am obsessed with the hand letterers of Instagram. :D

    xo Melyssa
    The Nectar Collective

  14. 2.19.15
    Rose said:

    I LOVE this! And that you included a photographer or two I recommended to you :) I just discovered a few more through you…and I’m going to go check out a lot of the other favorites! I love finding new, good, non-fashion-blog accounts to follow.

    • 2.19.15

      Ack! I actually meant to go through your email and give you a shout out in case any of these were from your referrals…and then I promptly forgot to do that once I wrote the post. I think your recs via email are what led me to a bunch of these other accounts! :)

  15. 2.21.15
    Allison said:

    I love how you broke your favorites into categories! I’d feel the same indecision if someone asked me my favorite song or movie! Great choices.

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