The Word

one kind word can warm three winter months


Loved this quote I came across, as a reminder of the power of kindness and especially warmth — both figuratively, and perhaps literally, given the snowy, freezing day we’re having here.¬†Cheers to the brand new week. Hope yours is a good one!


Watercolor image by Jay Hilgert, with text graphics added by Victoria McGinley. Image used under license CC by 2.0.


  1. 2.2.15
    katie a. said:

    Happy Monday to you! xo

  2. 2.2.15
    Gillian said:

    What a beautiful and simple quote!

  3. 2.2.15
    jillian said:

    beautiful! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  4. 2.2.15

    love the watercolour!

  5. 2.2.15

    I really like this quote because it shows how your words and actions can truly make or break someone’s day, no matter how small the words or actions are. I know if I get a really nice comment on my blog, or someone compliments me during the day, it totally lifts my spirits and makes me pay the action forward to someone else! Thanks for sharing (and I love the watercolor!)

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