5 Ikea Hacks I Want to Try

You know, whenever I have a garage and the space

ikea hacks i could actually make

Unsurprising confession: I dream about our future house. You know, the same one you probably dream about — the forever house, the one you end up staying in for at least 20, 30 years and can really put your stamp on. I’m always bookmarking ideas for that house, Ikea hacks definitely included. Recently I got inspired (and excited!) by a bunch of different projects I discovered, which I thought I’d share with you for your dream house (or now-house) file. I mean, for one thing, I think these are five Ikea hacks I could actually make! Yes, you’ll need some power tools and paint for a few of them, and having a garage probably wouldn’t hurt, but with the right supplies, all of these seem totally doable.

Have you ever attempted any awesome Ikea hack projects like this? Another unsurprising confession: the biggest one I’ve attempted was about 5 years ago, when I tried adding knobs I bought from Anthropologie to a MALM dresser. I didn’t have the right tools at the time, and the result was…interesting. Never underestimate the power of a really good drill (and drill bits too, people).


Marble and Copper Side Table (uses Ikea PS 2012 table)
Dipped Entry Table (used Ikea SVALBO table, which is discontinued; author recommended this table, but you could use any wood table to achieve the same look!)
Upholstered Bench (uses VITTSJÖ TV unit)
Magazine Organizers (uses Ikea KASSET files)
Rolling Bar Cart (uses Ikea VITTSJÖ laptop table)

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  1. Holy cow! These are really awesome. I especially love the first and the last ones. You always have a way of presenting things in such a visually arresting way.

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  2. I just finished one a a few weeks ago! I saw a DIY gold leaf tv console created by using a desk from Ikea (Jana Bek over on The Everygirl). The gold foil was messy and it ended up being more textured than I would have liked, but I’ve had a lot of compliments on it!

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  3. I have a MALM dresser too and I wanted to add in some flair with knobs, but I don’t have a drill – and don’t really want to purchase one right now. lol Terrible, I know. But when I was living in LI, I did a lot of DIY projects. The key is the tools, measuring, and planning. With those 3 elements, everything comes out fine… most of the time. :)

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  4. jillian wrote:

    ohh so many good things! i want to do an IKEA hack for our nursery… probably something with shelving. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  5. I’ve done one awesome Ikea hack and think they are the greatest thing ever!

    x Lily

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  6. Oh, I have those magazine holders! I need to try that tutorial out.

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  7. These are pretty sweet. And if we could do our IKEA hack campaign dressers in our studio apartment (in winter, no less), then you can definitely tackle any one of these projects. ALL are amazing.

    17 Dec 2014 · Reply
  8. Jenn wrote:

    I love this! I always want to do crafty things like this, but I’m just not that talented in the DIY department. But these seem pretty easy for a home improvement rookie. Thanks for sharing!

    18 Dec 2014 · Reply
  9. Ella wrote:

    God these are all beautiful! I have a lot of Ikea pieces that I love, but I’ve never truly “hacked” any. I have a white headboard and that dip dyed vanity has me thinking about some gold accents on it… might be my big winter break project!

    18 Dec 2014 · Reply
  10. lmao at the “you know, whenever I have a garage and the space” – just reading this post makes us want to get out to los angeles even quicker! new projects! new spaces! new stories!

    we want a painted rolling bar cart, god damnit!

    29 Jan 2015 · Reply
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