bougainvillea, photo by a house in the hills

FROM ABSOLUT TO ZAGAT: I was oddly mesmerized by this YouTube video someone actually put together of every brand ever mentioned in the Sex and the City series. Any guesses on which brand is mentioned the most?

LOVE PEOPLE, NOT PLEASURE: I really enjoyed this editorial in the New York Times. The title pretty much sums it up! A great read for a quiet moment this weekend. (Thanks for tweeting about this piece, Clara).

DREAMING OF SAAB: There’s no fashion show images that I love looking at more than Elie Saab. Period, end of story. The man knows how to design a dress, y’all. As always, the latest collection is filled with dreamy, glamorous, other worldly gowns that I’ll wear in my wildest dreams…

BEDROOM BEAUTY: I was blown away by these before and after shots of Jessica Alba’s bedroom. I think it’s gorgeous and really unique!

YOU DID NOT DO THAT: A humorous take on Instagram pics versus what’s happening outside the frame. Sound familiar to anyone?

TWITTER CHAT!: The B Bar is hosting it’s second Twitter chat this Sunday! Check out the topic and see the questions here. I hope to see you there!

THROW AWAY 100 THINGS: Jess did just that recently. I love this as an idea to tackle clutter. Anyone else find that sometimes once they clean up and/or de-clutter, they suddenly become more creative and productive?

BACHELORETTE SURVIVAL KITS: Part of a bachelorette party at some point this summer or fall? Check out Jacquelyn’s adorable DIY survival kits.

A FREE TOTE BAG, Y’ALL: Have you entered the latest Lo & Sons giveaway yet? You have 6 chances to enter! Don’t forget that the giveaway closes Sunday evening.

THE GIFT OF ART: Would you ever gift a piece of art to someone? If you want to, here’s a great guide for a few things to consider (and yes, it can totally turn out well!).

How was everyone’s week? Mine was pretty okay. A rare week in which I didn’t have a too much going on in the evenings, so because of it, I found myself getting in bed early to read, taking a couple hot baths, and just relaxing. Sometimes, you need it (and between you and me, with some crazy things going on behind the scenes over here, I really did need it). I can hardly believe it, you guys, but I’m about to enter the last week in my 20s. Forget where 2014 is going — where did the last decade go? On my 20th birthday, I moved into an off campus house with a bunch of friends, drank margaritas soda on the house’s front porch, and ate an ice cream cake while I waited for a mattress to be delivered. I know what you’re wondering, and yes, my 30th will probably be about the same…inclusive of the mattress part, if done right.

But I digress. I hope everyone has a fab weekend! We’re heading out to Long Island tomorrow for the afternoon to celebrate my nephew’s 3rd birthday. The time, it really does fly. Bon weekend, friends!

Image: Sarah Yates, A House in the Hills

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  1. 7.25.14

    That Instagram write up was spot on, I loved it! Really looking forward to the Twitter chat Sunday :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. 7.25.14
    Kayla said:

    Omg the Sex & the City video.. crazzzyyy!


  3. 7.25.14
    Ella said:

    My week has mainly been prepping to leave for a beach house vacation tomorrow morning for two whole weeks!!! Also got my first ever business card made and I’m in love. Have a great weekend!

  4. 7.27.14

    I always love your links! Thanks especially for sharing the Love People, not Pleasure article – it ties up especially with what I’ve been reading about just what makes life matter in Rebecca Goldstein’s Plato and the Googleplex.

  5. 7.28.14

    Thanks for the link love my dear!

  6. 8.2.14
    P&F said: