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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Nordstrom’s big anniversary sale starts today! It’s not for summer markdowns either — there are great deals to be had on new duds for fall (like this coat, this jacket, and classic boots), or you can stock up on basics too (I’m thinking new jeans and undies). Shop to it.

HYDRANGEA HALLELUJAH: Ever gotten a bunch of hydrangeas home only to have them wilt on you a day later? Erin shares how to prevent it from happening. I can’t wait to try these tips!

A FONT OF THE FUTURE: Yes, there is such a thing, and Google is designing it. Type nerds will love this behind the scenes look at the Roboto font.

BLOGGER REALNESS: I loved this little Q&A recap Hallie wrote for her blog on the heels of speaking at a conference about — what else? — blogging. So. much. truth. A great read for anyone who blogs, or likes to read them.

LIFE WITH PIPER: Joe and I binge watched both seasons of Orange is the New Black in the last week. Definitely obsessed. If you’re a fan of the series, you should absolutely check out this long piece by the real Larry, about what it’s like seeing real life events play out on the small screen.

EVERLANE DOES IT AGAIN: I got an email about a new collab Everlane is doing with Langley Fox, and I’m so into these tank tops. Super basic, but not boring. Let’s stock up!

MASK IT: I wrote a little tutorial on clipping masks over on The B Bar’s blog. Check this out if you’re interested in a fun, simple Photoshop tutorial! Meg also wrote an awesome post on amazing Instagram accounts you should be following, like right this second.

PUPPY 411: Thinking about getting a dog? Read this first. Joy’s tips and experiences during her first year of being a puppy mama are spot on — so many of these things were true for us too!

WRONG SIZE, LADY: How crazy is this : nearly half of women are probably wearing the wrong shoe size. Here’s the definitive guide to finding out your true size.

Oof, what a week. Lots going on at work — and thankfully, I finally managed to finish a big personal project that will debut around these parts towards the end of the summer. It’s been a labor of love, but I’m glad it’s mostly done! What is everyone up to this weekend? While Lucy’s birthday was this past Wednesday, on Saturday I’m hosting a little ‘Ladies Tea’ in her honor (anything to get the band together to drink rosé, amiright?). Other than dog birthday parties (!), I have a long distance Skype date planned, and fully intend on sleeping in as much as possible (there were wayyyy too many late nights this week). Hard to believe that there are only two weekends left in July. Forget my 30th birthday — I feel like fall is right around the corner!

Enjoy the weekend, friends! Hope it’s a good one, whatever you’re up to.


Image: Sézane


  1. 7.18.14

    There a few links I have to dig into! Oh and Nordstrom will be seeing my face!

  2. 7.18.14
    Meg said:

    Where are the shoes in the picture from? I love them!

  3. 7.18.14

    Thanks for including me, V! Can’t wait to celebrate little Lucy’s birthday this weekend. :)

    See you soon! x H

  4. 7.18.14
    Ella said:

    I’m going to be hitting that Nordstrom sale HARD this weekend #oopssorrynotsorry

  5. 7.18.14
    Lily said:

    Can’t wait to look at all of these in more detail tomorrow!

    x Lily

  6. 7.24.14

    I love these links, I too found Corals & Cognac’s article inspiring. Quick question, where is the ring from the main image from, I love it and have been trying to find a similar style for myself. Thank you!

  7. 7.24.14
    Rose said:

    You always have the best links! Also, totally loved seeing a pic from Sézane for this :)

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