Real Life: We’re Moving…to New York

new york

Have I seemed out of it lately? Distracted? Slow to respond to email? Like I have a lot of crazy s**t going on behind the scenes? Um, check, check, check, and CHECK. So here’s the secret that I can finally reveal: after nearly seven amazing years of living in San Francisco, we’re moving to New York. And in about six weeks. The moving process has not been one that we’ve been preparing for — in fact, this has all happened pretty quickly.

When I wrote this post, I mentioned a huge shift in direction, expectations, and mindset. What did that entail? If I’m completely honest with you, had we been talking about this six months ago, I would’ve expected us to be looking for a house right about now, maybe even about to close on one. Late last year, we were thinking we were ready to put our roots down deep here in the Bay Area. (Have I mentioned this whole new adventure is crazy yet? It’s crazy.)

Back when I penned that post, the idea of moving across the country still felt like a bit of an abstraction. It was exciting, but not something I would really have to think about for a while, you know? But in truth, now that it’s here, I’m very anxious about it. Anxious about uprooting our lives, anxious about adjusting to a totally new place, all of it. And more than anything, I’m grieving a little. I love SF. I’m really going to miss it. This city — maybe even more so than Austin, where I grew up, and definitely more so than LA, where I went to school — feels like home to me. It’s where Joe and I really started our lives together. Got married. Had our first jobs. Went through amazing times and tough times. It’s where we came into our own.

Every time we’ve been out to eat lately, I’ll look around at the restaurant (inevitably someplace we’ve been a million times), and the minute I think to myself, “This is one of the last times we’ll eat here,” I immediately tear up. Over dining out at a restaurant. Okay, not really, I know there’s more to it than that. It’s grieving the loss of a place I really love. Being nervous about living on the east coast for the first time in my life (um, winter? What’s that?). Learning where our new favorite Chinese takeout place is. Making sure Lucy adjusts to the city okay. Everything.

But, there are a lot of positives with this too. For one thing, when I take a step back from the anxiety and try to picture life in three years, or even six months, I’m excited by the adventure. We have plenty of friends in New York, so it’s not like when we moved to SF, and didn’t know a soul. And, on a personal level, this entire experience has been an exercise in letting go. Which is basically the hardest thing ever for me, but in this case, I really don’t have a choice. And I’m finding that a big part of the process is just letting myself feel whatever I want to feel. Instead of telling myself to “Just breathe,” or “Make some lists so I can feel organized,” I’m letting things ride. If I feel sad and anxious one day, that’s okay. If I’m buoyant and excited another, cool. A lot of letting go, as it turns out, is just being really honest with yourself and not making any apologies for how you might feel.

In the meantime, what will this mean for things here at vmac+cheese? To be honest, I’m not quite sure yet. I know there will probably be times in April and May where I’m not posting as much — maybe even skipping days here and there. I will need to be institutionalized if I keep going at the rate I’ve been going, and throw a cross country move into the mix too. Something has to give, and in cases like this, that something is probably going to be my work…if only for a little bit. We’ll see. I always feel like I can never stay away from this space for too long because I honestly love this little blog so, so much, but if I’m in and out at times, you’ll know why. Just imagine me dealing with movers and selling crap on Craigslist and transferring businesses between states and trying not to pull my hair out and you’ll get a pretty accurate picture of what’s happening with me on any given day. :)

So. That’s the big news. Come the end of May, we will be living in New York City. Is that not the craziest thing ever?

{Image Credit: Jamie Beck, Ann Street Studio}


  1. 4.3.13

    O wow – that’s huge news! Good luck with the move! Funnily enough my sister and I were thinking about moving to SF! (We have family there, and don’t here. “Here” being NYC.) What prompted this decision??

    • 4.4.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      It’s for Joe’s work!

  2. 4.3.13
    christin said:

    SO excited! big thumbs up from this girl!

    • 4.4.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      RHONY + ice cream dates, obvi.

  3. 4.3.13

    Oh my gosh! That is so exciting + scary + awesome! I can totally see you as a NYC girl. But I definitely understand the tearing up when you think about leaving San Fran. It is such a special city and I’m sure it’s bittersweet to think about moving to a new chapter.
    In any case, I lok forward to reading about this new phase in your life Victoria!
    xo – Marion

  4. 4.3.13

    YAY! So happy you’ve finally announced so I can holler out my WOOOPP WOOPP for you being on the same coast. Maybe Lucy and Odin can finally have a real date, although after his behavior on the Skype date I wouldn’t blame her if she said no. This will be an amazing experience for you and Joe and I know you will make it through it without losing your head. Best of luck and can’t wait to see you on the East coast!

    • 4.4.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Yes! Hopefully a DC trip is in order soon!

  5. 4.3.13
    Kate said:

    WOW! Congrats on your move, Victoria! I know that it will be a lot of work and probably anxiety-inducing, but it mostly just sounds exciting! I can’t wait to see what this new adventure holds for you (and vmac + cheese!)

  6. 4.3.13
    Alex said:

    I am so so so excited for you guys. What an exciting adventure. And you know, if you take a break from blogging, we’ll all be here when you’re ready to come back!! xo

  7. 4.3.13

    Oh my gosh! SO excited for you. Change is hard but for some reason always ends up being the best thing ever. You’re going to rock NYC, it will be an adjustment but I know you’re going to settle in perfectly.

  8. 4.3.13
    Sarah said:

    Wow! This sounds so exciting! Though I personally know how much a big move like this can throw you all kinds of emotions. I’m sure at the end of the day this will be the right choice for you and your family and I’ll be excited to follow along on the journey with you. Wishing you the very best! xo, Sarah

  9. 4.3.13

    Wow! How exciting is that? I am also kind of curious to know more about what prompted the move since everyone knows nyc ain’t an easy place to live (but it’s SO SO great!). Glad to have you here! Enjoy soaking up San Francisco, and fear not–winter will be over by the time you get here (fingers crossed).

    • 4.4.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Hope we can meet some time after so many years of following each other! We’re moving for J’s work.

  10. 4.3.13

    Congrats Victoria!! That is such an exciting move and brave. I have been a loyal reader and will continue to read and follow your journey. One of my best friends moved to NYC (from SF) with her busband a couple years ago and have since moved back but they said it was the best time of their life exploring a new city together.
    I have a new business and blog and your blog has been such an inspiration and all of your blogging advice has helped me so much. I can’t wait for the launch of B Bar. So many exciting things going on for you, Congrats!

    xo- Bri

  11. 4.3.13
    alyson said:

    congrats, how exciting!! I’m slightly envious, no doubt, so we’ll have to connect next time for coffee… in NYC! :)

  12. 4.3.13

    So happy for you!!! I am sure that you and Joe and Lucy, of course, will love it there. I can’t wait to see what big things lie ahead for you!

  13. 4.3.13
    Becca said:

    SO excited for you! I heard this might be happening. If you need anything during the move…advice on places to live, etc feel free to email or call me!

  14. 4.3.13

    Amazing and exciting and stressful and FUN! And all the good things in life always are…good luck!

  15. 4.3.13

    Hooray! NYC blogger meetups please!

  16. 4.3.13

    Holy buckets, Victoria! I cannot imagine how you’re doing it all – just thinking about moving that far(or at all for that matter) stresses me out. If anyone can handle it all though, it’s definitely you. This is so freaking exciting, but I’m so sad you’re leaving! Super excited to follow your guys’ journey! New York is definitely the place to go. :)

  17. 4.3.13
    Sam said:

    Congrats! Remember that as corny as it sounds, everything will work out in the end. Would love to meet up once you’re settled!

  18. 4.3.13
    Kirby said:

    Wow big news! Excited to see snapshots of the journey, and here what prompted the move!

  19. 4.3.13
    Ashley said:

    This is awesome Victoria! Congrats and good luck with the move! You’re going to love NYC and welcome to the East coast girlfriend!

  20. 4.3.13
    Crystalin said:

    OMG, such big news! Congrats to you and Joe, lady. I just got sad reading how you’ll miss sf. That city totally does it to you though. So quaint and cute and home… You always said you guys wanted to live in different places and it doesn’t get better than NY. Good luck, hun! Maybe I can catch you before you leave :)

  21. 4.3.13
    Jor-El said:

    NYC will be glad to have you and please believe, I’d be happy to puppysit Lucy whenever!

  22. 4.3.13

    Congratulations on the move to NYC! I’m sure it will take adjusting, but, as someone who moved here once– this city will feel like home in no time!

  23. 4.3.13
    Alexa said:

    Oh wow! Victoria that IS crazy! But exciting at the same time. I love SF, but I also love NY. I think it will make a fantastic new home for you!

  24. 4.3.13
    Sarah said:

    Such exciting news! You are going to love living in NYC!!!!

  25. 4.3.13
    Lindsey said:

    What exciting news! Although I can understand that it’s also sad and overwhelming. I think you have the right attitude about it for sure. Some days will be rough and some will be fine, but as long as there is a balance you will get there and feel settled again soon enough. All the best!

  26. 4.3.13
    viv said:

    I’m SO excited for this move but completely understand how anxious it must make you. But just so you know – You have a ton of people over here waiting for you with big open arms and hearts! ;) xox

  27. 4.3.13
    Meghan said:

    I’m so excited for you! I actually just made this move in reverse (NYC, my first love to SF, my new home). It is wonderful and terrifying and thrilling and you will not regret it for one moment! Good luck. Can’t wait to see how it unfolds! M

  28. 4.3.13
    Nnenna said:

    Ahhh, this is so so exciting! Another CA->NY convert like me :)

    Moving is always a huge hassle and I know that a cross-country move especially is not easy. Best of luck with all your plans and I really like your idea letting go and letting yourself experience a variety of emotions.

  29. 4.3.13
    Chelsea said:

    I am so excited for you. Moving across the country is overwhelming, but it always gets done. You will feel like it maybe won’t, but it will. What made you decide to move to NYC?

  30. 4.3.13
    Lauren said:

    This is huge news! How incredibly exciting! Cannot wait to follow your journeys in NYC. We will miss you!


  31. 4.3.13
    Louise said:

    Aaaah, I can relate! Thinking about a similar big move myself and while parts of that are really exciting, i’m really sad to leave SF. I’m glad i’m not the only one who wants to tear up every time it’s “the last time” i’ll go to one of my favorite SF spots! These places become meaningful to us and reminders of good times and experiences, so I think it’s natural. Either that, or we are big cry babies ;) Good luck with the move!

  32. 4.3.13
    Rachelle said:

    That is so exciting, YAY for new adventures.


  33. 4.3.13
    Kayla said:

    Congratulations! What an exciting new adventure! Best wishes! : )


  34. 4.3.13

    Congrats on the exciting decision! I just did the opposite move from NYC to California (San Diego) and as hard as such a big move can be, change is always good for the soul. Make a big SF to-do list before you leave!

  35. 4.3.13
    rita said:

    so exciting… new adventures are the best! can’t wait to hear more!

  36. 4.3.13
    The Now said:

    WHAAAAAT?!?!? OH that is awesome!!! I ask my husband every day if we can move there and he says, “no” every time. He’s so mean. I’m so excited for your move!>

  37. 4.3.13
    Meghan said:

    I think it is extremely exciting! I am jealous that you found the courage to do it! Best of luck with the move.

  38. 4.3.13
    Melissa said:

    Best of luck to you guys on your big move/adventure! Embrace it all- the anxiety, the excitement and everything that comes with it! As scary as it is, change is good. You will love NYC!

  39. 4.3.13
    Emily said:

    Oh my gosh – how very exciting!!! You will LOVE NYC. Moving is always a tough transition at first, but you’re right, there are so many adventures ahead to look forward to! Best of luck with the move!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  40. 4.3.13

    This is amazing, Victoria! So excited for you guys – though I can only imagine how nervous you must be. Mike and I will relocate for his residency in the near future and the thought terrifies me. Can’t wait to bump into you the next time we visit NYC!

  41. 4.3.13


  42. 4.3.13
    Jessica said:

    Congrats! And good luck! I have to admit that I’m a bit jealous. I’ve been begging my husband to relocate but he thinks I’m crazy. I told him I’d settle for SF, too. Lol. Even though we only live 45 mins outside of the city.

  43. 4.3.13

    Excited for you Victoria! Moving is so stressful but also so life changing! :)

  44. 4.3.13

    Brave and amazing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Go get ’em girl.

  45. 4.3.13
    Christine B. said:

    Congratulations! This is huge! Having moved across the country less than 9 months ago, I completely understand the stress and excitement associated with these huge moves. Enjoy these last weeks in the Bay Area and good luck with all the new experiences!

  46. 4.3.13

    Welcome to the East coast! I can only image how I would feel moving to the West coat…totally different lifestyle.

  47. 4.3.13
    Clara said:

    Yayyyyyy can’t wait to have you here!!!! xoxo

  48. 4.3.13
    Lolly said:

    NY! My home-state. Sadly I’ve only been to NYC once. I’m from Buffalo and suggest if you have some time to take a trip there. It isn’t the prettiest but we have some damn good food there (hi chicken wings – ;))

    Anyway… very stoked for you, lady! & selfishly a bit bummed as I was saving up money to schedule a consult with you since we’re in the same area. Can’t wait to hear more about this!! xo

  49. 4.3.13
    Abby said:

    That is so exciting, you’re going to have the time of your life in NYC… SF is pretty amazing though! Both are my absolute favorite cities!

  50. 4.3.13

    Wowzers lady! That is amazing. Congratulations on this HUGE adventure!

  51. 4.3.13

    wow, victoria! that’s crazy. i’m sure you’re feeling SO overwhelmed and nervous… everything happens for a reason. it’s true! you’ll be just great. xo

  52. 4.3.13

    Wow wow wow! What amazing news! Welcome to New York!

  53. 4.3.13
    caitlin said:

    WOW, huge news!! Congrats!

  54. 4.3.13

    It is terrifying to pick up and move somewhere new, and I can totally relate! I was petrified when I got on the plane and said goodbye to my friends back in Canada, but you’re going to have so much more fun.

    I feel like, when you know how to have a good time in your old city, it’s amplified so much in a new place. You already know what you like to do, and what you want to get out of the city, but you pair that with the oodles of new places and things to see and do, and you’ll never be bored. I never thought I could love living somewhere else, but Melbourne has been above and beyond for me. I know you’ll have a fantastic time, and lucky for you SF is just a short plane-hop away!

  55. 4.3.13

    How exciting! You will love the East Coast. I hope you will share lots of pictures while you explore your new city – it’s one of my favorite places in the world! Xx

  56. 4.3.13

    That’s so exciting! But I totally understand the anxiety you’re having. Moving is so much work, especially since you’re so crazy busy!

    I wish you the very best of luck with the moving process and hope you end up loving NY as much as you do SF!

  57. 4.3.13
    kelsey said:

    congratulations and what big news! you’ll have a blast
    kw ladies in navy

  58. 4.3.13

    Oh man, you’ve literally taken words out of my mouth with this one! Like, down to where/when. I wish you all the best with the move :)

  59. 4.3.13
    julia said:

    omg, congratulations victoria!


  60. 4.3.13

    Congrats!! I remember when I moved to NYC (at 19) without knowing a soul. It’s something you never forget and an absolute magical city. Best wishes!

  61. 4.3.13
    Kristiana said:

    Very very excited for you two! You guys are going to do great out there. Enjoy NYC and we hope you’ll make time for us if we ever come visit.

  62. 4.4.13
    Lauren said:

    Congratulations, what amazing news!

    Lauren x
    Gordon + Gold

  63. 4.4.13
    Maddy said:

    Welcome to NY! Maybe we can have a Frenchie meet up! Looking forward to reading about your adventures here.

  64. 4.4.13

    Wow, big change indeed! I’m sure there are wonderful things in store for you guys, though. I love reading your blog, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for it in the future!

  65. 4.4.13
    Kimberly said:

    Welcome to the East Coast! I know the move will be hectic, but I hope you love it here! I moved here for college & never turned back!

  66. 4.4.13
    Gloria said:

    What exciting news! You’re going to absolutely love it here :-)

  67. 4.4.13
    Sarah said:

    I’m so excited for the announcement, and how crazy that’s it’s just six weeks away! Can’t wait to meet in person- finally :)

    • 4.4.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      You of all people know — talk about a total whirlwind/surprise!

  68. 4.4.13

    NYC is the best, you’re gonna love it! And we will welcome you with open arms :)
    Can’t wait to have you!

  69. 4.4.13

    Congratulations on the big move. I too am moving this month due to the Air Force from Florida to Seattle. I know what you mean when you go somewhere and think that this is the last time you will visit. I will miss the atmosphere here. The fun begins on Tuesday when the movers come.

  70. 4.4.13
    Maddy said:

    Congratulations! That’s amazing :) I can completely understand how you’re feeling. I’ve just officially moved to SF from Australia, we arrived yesterday after finally receiving more permanent visas. I was a complete mess at the airport having to say goodbye to my family. Have fun on your new adventure, I’m sure it will be wonderful x

  71. 4.5.13

    I did the same thing! After 7 years in San Francisco, I moved to NYC in 2007, it was the most rewarding experience I have ever had, I met amazing people and was inspired to pursue a great career path…I know lot of people there if you need any help finding your way. Feel free to email me; ) Happy Travels & good luck. xoxo

  72. 4.5.13
    Randilea said:

    Ahhh that is so scary and exciting all at the same time! You’re going to be just fine though I know it.

    I’m going to miss your posts about the Bay Area, but I’m excited to hear about what you love in NYC! I’ll be there in November, so I’m hoping you write about some of you love.

  73. 4.6.13

    Wow, that is huge news! Best of luck to you and your hubby…and your little dog too! ; )

  74. 4.6.13
    Sophie said:

    What an incredible opportunity! What does your husband do? It must be hard to leave your home, but I would say just enjoy life’s surprises and see where they take you :)

  75. 4.9.13

    Just catching up on everything now! SO exciting my dear!! We’ll be so much closer. I do feel a meetup is in order ;)


  76. 4.16.13

    WHAT! Congratulations! I’m envious, happy and sad all at the same time! Envious of being able to live in NYC, happy for what a fun adventure is ahead of you and sad that you are leaving San Francisco! We will miss you! XX

    • 4.16.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Thanks, Melissa! I’m really going to miss it too.

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