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There’s a fun new meme floating around the blogosphere. Have you seen it? It’s all based on bloggers sharing five simple things most people don’t know about us. Well, last week, Jacquelyn reached over, tapped me on the shoulder, said “Tag, you’re it!” Like her, I’m not always up for an Internet meme, but in this case, I’ll make an exception. Part ‘Things I’m Afraid to Tell You,’ though perhaps less serious, I love opportunities like this to fill you guys in on random facts about my past and present. Plus, I can’t say no to my sweet blog friend, so as prompted by her and the Internet at large, here are five random things you probably don’t know about me:

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1. I can be the world’s worst back seat driver. Of the very few big fights I’ve ever gotten in with Joe over the last decade, I would say like 90% originated in the car, and from my backseat driving. I’ve made a concerted effort in the last several months to shut the eff up, sit back, relax and let the good times roll…literally.

2. My greatest regret in life is not studying abroad while in college. I didn’t for a bunch of different reasons, all of them foolish now, so my strongest recommendation to anyone who is in the position to do so: study abroad. What makes this regret even weirder is that I worked in the study abroad office for almost 3 years while a college student.

3. I’m considering having my DNA tested. Part of the deal with being adopted is that (probably obviously) you don’t have access to any kind of family medical history. In my case as well, I’ve never been 100% sure of what my ethnic identity is. I learned about a service called 23 and Me, and with the low cost of getting a test done (which is pretty unbelievable since the last time I had checked it was in the tens of thousands of dollars), getting the information that’s been a mystery to me my entire life is now a very real possibility — especially important if/when we decide to have a kid. But it’s weird thinking about knowing certain things you’ve not known you’re entire life…if that makes any sense.

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4. My favorite snack when I was a kid was croutons with cold ranch dressing over them. So hillbilly and super embarrassing. And yes, I totally still crave it sometimes.

5.  I’m really, oddly excited about my 30s. It’s still just under a year and a half away, but so far, everything I’ve ever heard about you understanding yourself better as you head into your 30s has been so true. Recently, I feel like I’ve had increased clarity about my childhood and my 20s, and it’s brought about a renewed sense of confidence that feels great. I’m excited for what the next decade will bring.

And now, it’s my turn to tag! Let’s see…I pick Grace, Meg, Alex, Julia, and Elizabeth. Ready, set, go!

Hope you guys enjoyed learning these five little random things about me.

{Image Credits: Emerson Fry; Molly Miller for A Piece of Toast; Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese}


  1. 3.13.13

    Okay that snack just doesn’t sound good. And to think you would later go to culinary school :) As far as getting tested, that’s totally personal and something you will ultimately have to decide and be okay with, but it must be nice to know that it’s feasible to get the answer now!

    • 3.13.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      I know, like I said, it’s very embarrassing!

      • 3.13.13

        I think it’s a TX thing. My cousins always ate that and called it salad, and I would have joined in had I developed a taste for ranch dressing before I was in college. How I managed that in small town Texas, I do not know.

  2. 3.13.13
    Jess said:

    Love this! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m also adopted, but I’ve never considered having my DNA tested. It’s good to know there’s an affordable option to do so though, if I decide I want to in the future! I think that it might be more compelling for me if I was about to start planning a family.

    Looking forward to see who else shares their five things!

  3. 3.13.13

    I love this! Might just tag myself to do this!

  4. 3.13.13
    Lauren said:

    AHHH! I can *completely* relate to #1. Same thing for me and my Joe. I am the worst. I am just a really frightened passenger and I always think he is going to “forget” to brake or not realize someone is coming into our lane. It’s totally unfounded, as he has never been in an accident in the 6 years we’ve been together, but I still do it. Sometimes I just shut my eyes when we drive together, but that makes him mad too. I just don’t know how what else to do except for shut the eff up.

  5. 3.13.13

    Nice! I saw Sally and Molly do this yesterday; fun to learn a little more about you! I’m an awful backseat driver as well, I’m always slamming my imaginary breaks when I’m in the car with Ethan =)

  6. 3.13.13
    The Now said:

    ohhh snap!!! Thank you so much for sharing and tagging little old me!!! I will have to get to brainstorming!! xoox

  7. 3.13.13

    I totallyyyy have the same mannerisms in the car — I have been both rear-ended and done the rear-ending (all while still in my teens, I’m not sure who gave me a license), but that experience has made me really jumpy, always thinking a car is going to hit us.

  8. 3.13.13
    Rachel said:

    I regret not studying abroad, too, but unfortunately it was just too expensive for me or my family to afford. I will travel someday later on in life when I’m making the big bucks :)

  9. 3.13.13
    Victoria said:

    I ate the same snack as a kid.. and would sometimes add shredded cheddar cheese. AND, my name is Victoria. We are basically twins!

  10. 3.13.13

    Too fun to learn some little tidbits. I too wish so badly that I had studied abroad. The sad part is… I didn’t really know anyone who did it and didn’t even realize it was an option. Probably partly because I was involved in sports and got a scholarship, so that would have gone away if I had done it. Instead of dwelling on it, I’m just planning a lot of vacations! :)

  11. 3.13.13
    Zoë said:

    I love this list and feel like I just learned so much about you! An older friend once told me that we shouldn’t be afraid of a new decade because if we’ve done everything in our power to make our lives great, these milestones are there for the celebrating! Also, your snack sounds delicious ;)

  12. 3.13.13
    Alexa said:

    Ranch dressing and croutons actually sounds really good right now (hmmmm…new pregnancy craving? Why not). The 30s are pretty rad, not gonna lie. I mean I loved my 20s, but I was ready for the 30s when they rolled around. The only thing is I definitely have more grays…or maybe that’s from being a mom. Thanks for sharing Victoria – love the little sneak peek into your life. :)

  13. 3.13.13
    Lolly said:

    Talk about the crouton snack! I did the same with croutons, bacon bits, and French dressing. It was one of my FAVES as a kid and I still eat it on occasion.

  14. 3.13.13

    I’m so glad you did this. It was so great learning more about you!

    My favourite snack as a kid was noodles with butter on them. And Justin’s? Bologna and ketchup sandwiches. Oh how far we’ve come!


  15. 3.13.13

    And I’m totally craving ranch now :) My favorite snack was the same as Jacquelyn’s actually – just plain noodles with butter!

  16. 3.13.13
    kelsey said:

    ancestry’s dna test is $129 and i did it. really awesome as it connects you with other members and ancestry has the biggest genealogy hub. loved the process and i’m really into genealogy myself!
    kw ladies in navy

  17. 3.13.13
    Meghan said:

    I learned so much about you in this short post :) thanks for sharing .

    xo Meg<3

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  18. 3.13.13
    Erin said:

    Fun to learn little tidbits about you dear! And I so feel you on the bad backseat driving habit. I’ve been able to squelch most of mine other than slamming my foot into the floorboard when I think he’s going too fast!

  19. 3.13.13
    meg said:

    I agree with your #2.
    If only my old self could go back in time and tell my young self to go abroad because there would be nothing I would miss in IL for a semester. :)

  20. 3.13.13
    Lydia Joy said:

    I actually used 23 and Me not too long ago. I’m also adopted, and my parents thought it would be a good idea to have a little more insight. The results were a little difficult to interpret, but I got the general idea.. It’s interesting because several health-related issues that I’d been having showed up! Good luck! xx

  21. 3.13.13

    I’m a terrible backseat driver with my husband Joe as well! And I beat myself up all the time for not going to Italy during college and getting it paid for by Harvard…smh. I too really want a DNA because my family is so mixed up. I have no idea what rich cultures to identify with, besides what people stereotype me to be. Thank you so much for sharing Victoria!

  22. 3.14.13
    caitlin said:

    My biggest regret is also not studying abroad. I tell everyone that they should do it!

  23. 3.14.13
    Lauren said:

    I am adopted as well and totally considering it too! I have reconnected with my birthmom but my birthfather is a mystery to me. I’d love to get that test done to answer my questions about my medical history and such! Love your blog :)

  24. 3.14.13
    Ashley said:

    This was such a fun post to read! My biggest regret is not studying abroad. As for the crouton and ranch, SO.DAMN.GOOD!


  25. 3.14.13
    taylor said:

    not studying abroad is I think one of the only BIG BIG regrets I have in life. It seemed like it was for “good reasons” when I was in college, but now I look back and get super pissed at myself. as in, reading your words brought back a wave of sadness all over again :( on a brighter note…. croutons and ranch sounds amazing!!

  26. 3.15.13
    ashley said:

    i love this! i really really regret not studying abroad in college too. it’s one of the reasons i want to find a way to live abroad for a year or two in the next couple of years.

  27. 3.15.13

    Wow! Thanks for sharing. I can speak from experience that your 30s really are amazing. Definitely something to look forward to. ;)


  28. 3.16.13

    This was an amazing post Victoria. And, it takes a strong person to open up about things that most being wouldn’t.

    Most of the things you wrote about, people can totally relate to or understand. Although I was not adopted, I have no strong connection with my mother and lost my father at a very young age. So I literally broke down into tears (I’m such a cry baby).

    I’m also a terrible front seat + back seat driver… Glad you shared and of course I love the blog!


  29. 3.21.13

    i did mine today! so fun!

  30. 4.14.13

    I don’t know how you worked in the study abroad office and never went yourself! Definitely travel now, and as much as you can! And croutons with ranch dressing? That is too funny!

  31. 5.26.13
    Samantha said:

    Hi! I’m new to your blog. I really like this idea & enjoyed reading this post. #3 sounds great, I hope you find out the info you have always wondered about. I think I’ll start my own tag and pass it along :)
    Have a great weekend

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