How it Works

A blog consult can provide you with insight, strategies, ideas, tips, and tricks to give your blog a boost. We can work together to set you up on a path to blogging success — however you define it! Consults begin with a comprehensive client questionnaire to learn more about your blog. We’ll then chat over the phone, get all your questions answered, and at the end of the session, I’ll send you comprehensive notes and a resources guide.

Packages are custom tailored to each individual client, how long they’ve been blogging, and the specific questions they have. Depending on your blog, topics covered may include:

  • + blog strategy + vision; goal setting
  • + defining and developing your voice
  • + creating content and focusing your ideas
  • + social media strategy
  • + growing your community (and traffic!)
  • + running your blog as a business
  • + monetizing your blog and working with brands
  • + capitalizing on PR pitches, and crafting pitches of your own
  • + transitioning to full-time blogger
  • + mechanics of effective blog design
  • + and more!

Additional Info

Please note that I accept new blog consulting clients on a very limited basis, depending on your overall needs, fit, and my current availability. I prefer to work with clients who have already been blogging for a while, and have specific questions about the industry and their individual sites.

For brand new bloggers or those who still feel like they need major help with the basics, I recommend checking out my e-book shop, The B Bar. Blogging 101 and Monetizing Your Blog are great places to start!

For bloggers who have downloaded Blogging 101, but still have a few questions, express follow up sessions are available! We’ll set up a 30-45 minute call to cover any questions you still have after reading the Blogging 101 e-book.