The scope:

  • art direction
  • identity design
  • web design
  • collateral

The scoop

Date: Fall 2016, ongoing
Goals: After a few years of building on her e-comm site piecemeal, Sweet & Spark owner Jillian decided it was time to give the brand a clear visual direction. Jillian worked with VMS to develop a simple new logo mark, streamline the brand’s colors and font systems, and apply these identity pieces across new collateral. With the new brand identity pieces in hand, VMS also worked with S&S to re-skin the existing site framework, giving it an easy facelift that could give the brand some room to grow before embarking on a full scale site re-design. In addition to the site re-skin project, VMS developed a few new page templates for Sweet & Spark, to provide additional flexibility for new seasonal content. VMS has also served as in-house art director for Sweet & Spark since October of 2016.