The scope:

  • identity design
  • blog design
  • media kit

The scoop

Date: Autumn 2017
Goals: After a few years of big life changes — getting married and having a baby were two big ones! — blogger Katey McFarlan was ready to refresh her popular site, Chronicles of Frivolity. While her previous design had served her well, COF needed new interactive shopping features and custom page templates integrated, and Katey felt the color palette could feel a bit severe at times, with black previously applied heavily around the site. VMS worked with her to create a new identity and site design that felt sophisticated and editorial, yet still struck a balance with femininity and fun. The new look and feel allows COF to continue to evolve as Katey does, attracting a more mature audience who are fans of the site not just for her style content, but her growing lifestyle vertical, too.