Flea Market Finds

On Sunday I ventured out in the cold and rain and made the trek over to Alameda to see what was going on at this month’s Flea Market. Compared to when I went in August, the place was practically deserted — I think the dreary weather forecast kept a lot of vendors at home. Nevertheless, there was still A TON to see, and I snapped some pics of my favorite pieces. I think this mirror is stunning. If you could…

VMS Digest: Vol. I

 // FUN THINGS I LIKED READING THESE DAMN MOSQUITOES! // Have you ever noticed that you’re a mosquito magnet? Here’s why mosquitoes bite some people and not others. Interesting: I would get eaten alive by mosquitoes in Texas, but very rarely have a problem with them in California. Maybe I taste weird to west coast skeeters? THE COST OF REALITY TV BEAUTY // My girl Alyssa wrote a great piece for Refinery 29 on how much those Bachelor contestants have to…

Ask V: The FAQs on running a small biz

I’m very excited to share this post, as it’s been on my to do list for a while! Today, I’m answering frequently asked questions about launching and running a small business. And, since I often receive questions focused on the design side of my business,…

Beauty Freshies

Beyond beauty empties—these are so good, I just bought a fresh one.


HOW TO TRAVEL THE WORLD FOR 7 YEARS: No, seriously, this girl did it! I have to say, her methods are pretty ingenious and it sounds like it all kind…


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