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  1. 3.31.20
    heather said:

    Yay! I’ve missed your posts. ❤️

  2. 4.1.20
    Karlijn said:

    Yes, you’re back! And love the new site. I will check your playlist later.
    Glad to see your back, I know, I said it already. But well ;) X

  3. 4.5.20
    Maggie said:

    I’m looking forward to checking out your playlist tomorrow when I’m back in the (home) office, my work requires a measurable amount of focus, so calm instrumental music is right up my alley! I’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now, it’s been wild. There’s definite perks (no commute, no annoying co-workers, music, candles, no dress code) but the work itself has been rough, we have to use a VPN (I don’t know much about this) and it takes approx 10 minutes from the time I boot up the computer until I’m ready to work and everything is very slow and some things don’t function the same, so it’s a pain. On a personal level, I was supposed to get married at SF City Hall on April 20 and I’m experiencing waves of emotion about the cancellation/postponement/whatever of the wedding. I was OK (not feeling deep sorrow) for the past couple of weeks, up until Thursday when I reached out to my vendors to say that we have decided to table our initial plans to postpone until August or Sept b/c things are just too uncertain. It’s so hard to go from having a countdown of less than 30 days to literally no plans, so I’ve been in a funk the past few days.

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