WE’RE ALL A LITTLE TOMBOY: I didn’t get a chance to share this last week, but in the midst of all the move craziness, I launched a new web design project that I’m super proud of. The gals at Tomboy KC entrusted us with their re-vamp at the beginning of this year, and I love how it came together. PS, if you need a new blog to read and don’t already follow TKC, I think you’ll really enjoy it. Fashion with a dose of realness and intellect (I could read Letters from Lynsey all day). I dig!

BOARDINGHOUSE GIRLS: Remember those old New York boardinghouses you’d hear about models and actresses living in during the early part of the twentieth century (Barbizon, et al)? Well, they still exist. I thought this essay from a gal currently living in one was fascinating!

PRETTY MUCH HOW I TRAVEL: When traveling, I love the sense of discovering something unexpected, but I have to be honest — I also like having options in my back pocket (and these days with an iPhone, that’s literally). Before leaving on a trip, I’ll often use Google Maps to add in ideas/recommendations of cool restaurants, sights, or shops I would want to check out should I be in the area and the mood strike. Why I never put a post together on how to do this? Beyond me. Luckily, Mackenzie did it this week in the most comprehensive fashion, and I highly recommend you try this technique out for your next trip. It’s a great way to keep recommendations on deck!

EYES ON 2016: I can’t believe next year will be another summer Olympics! The time just flies. This article on the world of competitive Olympic gymnastics was a great read for anyone who enjoys watching the sport. These ladies go through a lot!

DIORAMA DRAMA: Random thing I saw on Facebook that I just thought was really beautiful and cool: how the Dior Diorama bag is made. Simple things made into “luxury.”

ONE ROOM CHALLENGE!: Another One Room Challenge series is making its way across some of my favorite design blogs! I always love seeing what people do with spaces in just a mere 6 weeks, but I’m especially excited to see what my friend Gabrielle does. She has a wonderful eye and fabulous taste, and I think her new home is going to be just beautiful.

GIMME SALSA: The Mexican food situation in the Bay Area (or rather, having access to it again) has been unreal. Is it weird that I saw a west coast-only brand of salsa and tortilla chips at the market the other day and got really excited? That being said, I’m intrigued by Supal’s recipe for Roasted Tomatillo Salsa — doesn’t this look amazing?

THE PURGE: What happens when you unfollow everyone on the Internet? Both good and bad things. But in the end, mostly good.

This week has been extraordinarily fun, and also really crazy. Crazy how? Well, get this: On Tuesday, when we were driving out of Napa to our friends’ place in Marin, we got rear ended by a drunk driver. In a brand new car, that we’d picked up two days before. The thing is, when the person hit us, we had no idea they were under the influence of anything. There was a highway patrol officer who saw the whole thing go down (SO thankful), and since he pulled over to assist with the situation, we never even got a chance to talk to the other driver, since the officer separated us all to take statements. When we found out later the driver had been arrested, it was one of those surreal moments. Yeah, it sucked that we had to bring a car back in and have body work done on it, but holy shit, we were hit by a drunk driver. It could’ve been far, far worse. We were thankful we weren’t seriously injured before we had that news; after, even more so. Stay safe out there, everyone, and hug your family and friends tight.

We’ve gotten the car and insurance situation taken care of, thankfully, so it was but a minor blip in an otherwise joyful week. I finally saw our new apartment yesterday after we picked up our keys! Lucy came with and we both were running around our place like maniacs. A quick rundown: good natural light? Check. View? Of a courtyard with lots of beautiful, very tall bamboo trees (so, check!). Closet situation? Out of control CHECK. Three cheers for storage, y’all. We’ll start staying at our apartment tonight and it’ll still be a few days until our things arrive. But, WiFi crisis averted! We’ll get that on Monday, whereas originally, we thought it might not happen til Friday. Moving, both the most boring thing ever to talk about, yet everyone can relate to not having WiFi for weeks on end, amiright?

So as you can imagine, this week was a kind of odd mix of simple, benign little moving tasks, feeling immensely grateful, being reunited with people (and pups!) we’d missed, and all around just full of life.

Any fun plans this weekend? The weather has been so beautiful in the Bay Area, I’m looking forward to spending more time in the sunshine this weekend. Hope yours is a good one!


Image via: Death to the Stock Photo 


  1. 4.3.15

    Love the link about the Dior bag – it made me love designer bags even more that I already do!

    + So happy to hear that you and the family are okay. That’s insane – and also SO fortunate that an officer was right there on the scene.

  2. 4.3.15

    So glad you’re okay! What neighborhood are you in?

  3. 4.3.15
    Alexandra said:

    So sorry to hear about your accident – but so glad you are alright!

    Warm Regards,

  4. 4.3.15

    OMG I’m so glad you’re ok! Your new place sounds AMAZING and I can’t wait to see what you do with it! And thanks so much for linking to my One Room Challenge — it’s such a fun project and coming together nicely :) xoxo

  5. 4.3.15
    Erica said:

    I saw the article about gymnasts earlier this week and found it fascinating. I’m excited to check out the One Room Challenge again. I wonder what I could accomplish in 6 weeks?!

    So glad to hear you’re all okay after the accident. Very scary. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. 4.3.15
    Jasmin said:

    So glad you guys are ok! It’s terrifying to think about those who fail to think before they drive. I’m really loving that you moved right as I am planning our big move to Boston. You have been incredibly helpful and it has made the process a lot more exciting than it would’ve been otherwise. Cheers to moving in!

  7. 4.3.15
    Ella said:

    Oh no! That’s so scary. I’m really glad everyone is okay! The Tomboy redesign looks amazing :) Have a great weekend, lady!

  8. 4.3.15
    Kat Smith said:

    Casa Sanchez has the best chips and salsa ever! Plus, you can only get them in California


    • 4.4.15

      Yep, that’s the one I nearly jumped up and down in the store for :)

  9. 4.4.15
    Mia said:

    So glad you’re ok! I grew up in St. Helena and go back to visit family a lot – happy to hear that the officer was nearby! People can do such dangerous things while wine tasting!! Happy unpacking! :)

  10. 4.5.15
    Kathleen said:

    Glad you’re okay! Still sounds like a fun time though!

  11. 4.6.15
    Jordan said:

    Gorgeous photo! I’m glad you’re OK and nothing worse happen with the drunk driver!!!

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