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Just a few little things that have been on my radar, that I thought I’d put on yours. Here’s to a great week ahead!


  1. 3.2.15
    Rose said:

    Oh, I LOVED All The Light We Cannot See! Probably one of the best books I read last year :) Also, I’m a total ghoster, too…heading over to read that essay now!

  2. 3.2.15
    Kelly said:

    Thank you for featuring our wine rack, Victoria! We have more on their way — they’ll be back in stock shortly. :)

  3. 3.2.15
    Jen said:

    Loveee that wine rack!

    I’ve been meaning to pick up All the Light We Cannot See. It definitely sounds interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Jen

  4. 3.3.15
    Diana said:

    I also enjoyed All The Light We Cannot See. Other WWII books I enjoyed: The Book Thief and City of Thieves (guys will enjoy this one too!)

  5. 3.4.15
    Jenn said:

    My husband and I are total ghosters. Or I guess I’ve turned him into a ghoster. Admittedly enough, I’ve always been this way because I would always experience horrible anxiety waiting to say good-bye to someone. It feels so awkward to just stand there, hoping the host would catch your eye while at the same time, trying to come up with a way to cut into an ongoing conversation for a hug and a “see ya later”. I hate interrupting people as it is so yeah, I don’t do it!

  6. 3.4.15
    Tara said:

    Victoria, I finally acted on your “Outlander” recommendation from way back and I was semi-ghosting on my vacation to see my sister just to read it, staying up until 2:00 AM because I couldn’t put it down. I bought “Dragonfly in Amber” in the airport bookstore for the way home! Clearly I am hooked. Have you watched the Starz episodes? I worry they won’t live up to the book! Anyway, thank you so much. I have a crush on Jamie–don’t tell my husband! :)

    • 3.4.15

      Hey Tara! I KNOW, it’s so addicting right?!?! I actually just finished the whole first season on Starz and really loved it. I thought it stayed very true to the book. Granted, it’s not as detailed filled as the books (Diana Gabaldon just describes SO much), but they were highly entertaining and great to watch…I felt like it honored the book really well. Plus, the cinematography of Scotland is beautiful. I purchased the season through iTunes, to avoid the Starz subscription! Definitely recommended.

      • 3.4.15
        Tara said:

        OOH! Thanks for the insights and the iTunes tip as well. I think I will follow your lead and go that same route–so glad you enjoyed the show and that it felt true to the book! I know you said you didn’t typically like WWII-era novels, but you might want to check out “Code Name Verity” by Elizabeth Wein if you haven’t already read it. I think it’s ostensibly Young Adult, but I couldn’t put that one down either. Thanks again!

  7. 3.5.15

    One of my best friends’ husband “ghosts” when they host parties. I can’t wait to forward this article to her!

  8. 3.7.15
    Amy said:

    I am a serial ghoster. I can’t tell if it’s a problem or not but I just find the goodbye too awkward and prefer to shoot a text once I’m gone, thanking the host!

    I LOVED All the Light We Cannot See. One of my favourites of the year I think. So beautifully written and I loved how the stories were woven. x

  9. 4.1.15
    Whitney said:

    Your roundups are fabulous. Love that article on kindness, and funny enough my husband and I are both absolutely guilty of Irish exits. Although… rarely from our own party. ;)

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