GNARLY MARLED: Everlane just released a new collection of marled sweatshirts. Commence ordering! I love the slight contrast in the collar and the comfy cut to this tunic. And, only $35!!

THE FUTURE OF TWITTER: How do you think Twitter will continue to evolve in the next few years? A look at some of its current issues, from the changing social media landscape, to promoting new features that I had no idea it even had. Oh, and trolls — Twitter is really trying to work on that, too.

THE HISTORY OF TWITTER: Speaking of how social media platforms have changed, I loved clicking through this roundup of what major websites looked like on the day they launched. I also didn’t realize Google used to have an exclamation point at the end of it! How very Yahoo of it.

FIFTY SHADES: The movie comes out next week, and thanks to real life friends in high places (the marketing department at Universal to be exact), I’m going to see the movie early at a screening mid next-week. I wasn’t sure I was even going to see this thing in theaters, but the free tickets sold me — because I have to admit, I’m a little curious to see how this is going to play out. There’s been so much…interesting press around this movie (from the VF director interview, to this round up of the disastrous press tour, to plenty of speculation that the stars have no chemistry). Let’s see how it all comes to life! I’ll report back on what I thought of the movie next Friday.

INSTAGRAM FAVES: Over on The Well, we’re hosting another linkup this month! The topic: who you love to follow on Instagram. I can’t wait to answer this question later this month, and if you blog, I encourage you to answer it too! You can get the details on how to participate here. Also, if you’re interested, we’ll be hosting a Twitter chat next week, also all about Instagram. Details on that are here.

PACKING TIP: Genius guidance on how to pack a few cold weather clothes if you’re heading off to a vacation somewhere tropical (PS, I am jealous of you).

A LITTLE PHOTOSHOP HELP: Tristan is getting ready to launch a really cool collection of Photoshop actions, so in advance of that, she put together this great list of Photoshop basics tutorial videos. Really helpful if you are trying to learn the program, these are all essential skills you should know about.

IMPERMANENCE: A great little reminder from Lisa that things don’t have to be permanent.

I’M CRAVING FOR YOU: I added a some new fun finds and six additional links you can check out this weekend over on the Candy page! It’s always fun to save and share things there — hope you enjoy.

Happy weekend, everyone!!

Image: Death to the Stock Photo


  1. 2.6.15

    1) I just ordered two of those yummy Everlane sweatshirts. Even though my drawer of gray sweatshirts is dangerously full.
    2) Thank you for including my winter packing guide post!

  2. 2.6.15

    Thank you Victoria for the kind words! The new design looks phenomenal, congrats!

  3. 2.7.15
    Krystal said:

    Looking forward to the new link up. I love the way they are run and the topics are fun to write about – it certainly has me thinking a lot more about Instagram.

  4. 2.9.15
    Safted said:

    thank you for share the shirts you like!

  5. 2.10.15
    P&F said:

    Thank you for these nice reads!

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