SERIAL, SEASON 2: Don’t expect it any time soon. According to Sarah Koenig, the Serial team doesn’t even have a story identified yet.

DEMENTIA OF THE PREOCCUPIED: A made up medical term that I think most people can relate to these days. Technology: good and bad, always.

NEWSLETTER KNOW-HOW: Do you run a business or a blog? Lisa put together a great step by step guide on how to set up an email newsletter for your site.

WEAR YOUR CROWN: Confession: I never learned how to French braid. I really need to sit someone down and show me! But it doesn’t make me pine any less for hairstyles like this. If you’re already a French braiding expert, you’ll easily be able to do this style at home!

DRUGSTORE SPA NIGHT: Grace put together a fantastic post on how she creates a spa night for herself in the comfort of her own bathroom, all with affordable (and primarily natural!) beauty products from her neighborhood drugstore. I need to get a brush for dry brushing, stat!

IT’S A SAAB: Each season, I always like to link to the latest Elie Saab runway couture show. It’s a wonderful few minutes filled with the most beautiful, ethereal, other-worldly dresses. Why everyone doesn’t wear a Saab during awards season, I’ll never understand.

STAY WITH ME, ‘CAUSE I WON’T BACK DOWN: You’ve probably heard about the kerfuffle about the whole Sam Smith/Tom Petty thing, right? Here’s one essay that very well could’ve kicked this whole thing off.

WAZE AND MEAN: An interesting look at the effectiveness of the Waze app, and the control of public spaces. I’ve heard good things about this app, but have always stuck to Google Maps (which of course, bought Waze in 2013…)

NO MORE ONLINE SHOPPING: Why Lauren is choosing not to shop online as much anymore — she makes many really, really good points (that I’ve also personally experienced). Have you curbed online shopping at all? Sometimes the deals really are irresistible, but I agree that in-store purchases tend to become staples in my closet. (The honest exception here is anything I purchase from Everlane — that brand rules!).

All I can say is TGIF! This weekend is going to be packed with social events — guess everyone is finally ready to come out of hibernation! Tonight, I’m heading out to celebrate a certain husband’s birthday, with a quiet dinner at one of our favorite places. Saturday, we’re attending Hitha’s baby shower (it’s a co-ed party), and Sunday afternoon, I’m heading to afternoon tea at the St. Regis with a bunch of other New York bloggers. We’ll have to sip and savor quickly though — I have every intention of getting home in time for guacamole, queso, and the Super Bowl. Are you planning on watching, slash chowing down on game day snacks? Hope you’re staying warm, and that you enjoy the weekend ahead.


Image by Victoria McGinley (I took this in Paris last summer!)


  1. 1.30.15

    Given the choice, I would much rather shop in stores than online. I return probably 75% of what I order online for the same reasons Lauren said (it doesn’t fit, doesn’t look the same – colors, etc.). I can’t wait for all the food this weekend ;) Have a good one!

  2. 1.30.15
    jillian said:

    ohh i really need to check out that online shopping article. i have been terrible about it lately AND i return a lot of things i buy. have a great weekend. xo jillian

  3. 1.30.15
    Rose said:

    You always have the best links :) I ADORE Elie Saab—I always daydream that I’ll be somewhere one day where I can wear one of his confections.

  4. 2.1.15

    Thanks for the link love my dear! I’m very intrigued about this online shopping post… I pretty much avoid malls at all costs these days!

  5. 2.2.15
    Joanna said:

    ohhh the Elia Saab show…so. damn. good. i couldn’t pick a favorite, and if there isn’t at least one of these gorgeous dresses on the oscar red carpet, there is something seriously wrong with the styling world.

    • 2.2.15
      Joanna said:

      *Elie. i can spell designer names.

  6. 2.2.15
    Kelly said:

    Completely agree re: Elie Saab. Stunning gowns. Fantastic shows always. Still dreaming about his ombre gown that Lily Collins wore on the red carpet last year.

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