WHAT WAS THAT RESOLUTION AGAIN?: Here are 7 tips to honor the resolutions you made less than 2 weeks ago.

THE CHICEST BUN: Finally, a hair tutorial that could actually work with my hair type! I love the idea of using yesterday’s waves to create this gorgeous, chic updo.

OH YES, RMS: A lovely little interview with RMS Beauty founder Rose-Marie Swift. RMS, along with Tata Harper, are the two brands that kicked off my whole natural beauty journey!

PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES: I really enjoyed this photo tour Rose put together of Philip Johnson’s Glass House in Connecticut. I need to make it out there someday!

A BELATED NUTCRACKER STORY: I meant to share this link before the holidays, but it somehow eluded me! This is a wonderful, extensive piece on the history of The Nutcracker ballet’s rise to culture prominence. Really interesting if you grew up dancing, and/or attending the ballet every holiday season.

ALERT FOR BLOGGERS!: Just because I like to keep you in the loop — over on The Well, we’ve recently been publishing tons of posts to help you plan for the year ahead. We’ve written about 10 things you should do for your blog this year; 11 questions you should ask yourself about your blog, plus we shared a handy dandy blog planner and site analytics guide. Hop to it!

A DIFFERENT KIND OF WRAPPING: I loved this tutorial on using contact paper to wrap boxes for your home office storage (or beyond!). An easy idea with super chic results.

DOES RETWEETING YOUR OWN PRAISE MAKE YOU A MONSTER?: A humorous, interesting essay on Twitter manners.

10 LIFE LESSONS FOR 2015: Actually, forget your resolution. I like these life lessons as reminders for the year.

THE SALES! THE SALES!: Finally, a few fun sales to share with you. Did you hear the news that C. Wonder is going out of business? As such, everything they’re still stocking is now 50% off! That includes jewelry, travel gear, and items for the home. Per usual, J.Crew has placed a bunch of wear-now items on sale for 40% off over the weekend (but I can’t be mad at the sale price of this quilted vest or this cool cableknit). And finally, ASOS is offering an extra 10% off sale items with code GIMME10 (worth investigating: a great selection of blazers in every cut and color).

Whew! How was everyone’s first full week of 2015? Mine felt like an easing in…it wasn’t as crazy as I anticipated, but in a way, the slow week this week means some stressful ones ahead (so I’m trying to enjoy it while I can). We’ve finally had our first few snows here in NYC, and the temperatures are rather cold. I look back on last year’s winter-that-wouldn’t-end and wonder how we did it.

Hope you have a relaxing, restful weekend!

Image: Death to the Stock Photo with graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 1.9.15
    Em said:

    Can’t believe it’s finally snowing.

    Thanks for sharing the link to those tips. It’s only two weeks in, but resolve is shaking! It’s no surprise the vast majority of people don’t stick to resolutions (though I’m trying to frame it as more “lifestyle”/”habit” changes… feels more longterm and “sticky” to me).

    Also a fan of RMS (love their concealer), and dying to try Tata Harper’s products.

  2. 1.9.15

    I can’t thank you enough for the sheets over at the B Bar – priceless. As for this week, it was a doozy! Let’s just say, I wish I wasn’t spending the first few weeks of January “dry”…have one for me this weekend ;)

  3. 1.9.15
    Sarah said:

    Love the life lessons link! Thanks for sharing.

  4. 1.9.15
    jillian said:

    sweet! off to check out those blogging tips xo jillian

  5. 1.9.15

    Laughing about the twitter manners essay!

  6. 1.9.15
    Rose said:

    Aw, thank you so much for sharing that link!! You really must go up there—unfortunately the fog was only for this year, but it’s just incredible anyway. I’m planning to go in spring or summer so I can see it in different seasons. I highly recommend the extended guided tour for your first visit!

  7. 1.9.15

    Twitter manners! Too funny. And new years resolve is definitely already shaky, haha.
    xx Lexi @glitterinclexi | Glitter, Inc.

  8. 1.9.15

    I just discovered The Well because of this. It’s amazing. I’m about to go read everything now.
    Also, thank you so much for including my contact paper boxes!

  9. 1.9.15

    Lovely compilation of links as usual. I can’t wait to try the cute bun and I am also a fan of RMS Beauty and Tata Harper.

  10. 1.10.15
    Elisa said:

    ah, the Twitter politics. So many rules. I think that as long as you give credit, it’s nobody business. They can unfollow you if they don’t like your style, so there’s no need to bitch about it IMO.

    Love the contact paper boxes tutorial, thank you for sharing that!

    Now I’m off to check out all those awesome blogging tips. Have a lovely weekend!

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