A Wedge Issue

I want these shoes. That is all.

sole society jillian d'orsay wedge

Every so often (and it’s really not THAT often), I see a product on Instagram and immediately want it. Such was the case last night, when I was scrolling through, and spotted these shoes on Sole Society’s account. I immediately hopped on their website and fell in love. Say hello to the perfect suede d’orsay wedge heel, basically a three-season shoe, in three fab colors, all for $70. Sign me up!

I really haven’t been in much of a clothes shopping mood lately (as I write this, it’s 19 degrees outside and snow is blowing sideways), but I love the feeling of discovering something new and pretty that gets you excited and inspired, so of course I had to share with you. I think I’m going to get the grey version!


  1. 1.6.15
    jillian said:

    ohh love love those gray wedges! gorgeous. xo jillian

  2. 1.6.15

    I love these shoes but I more love the graphic design and colors of this post. So simple and just perfect. Teach me your ways! :)

  3. 1.6.15
    Jenn said:

    Those are really cute! I don’t know that I could choose. I feel like all three colors would work well in a classic, neutral wardrobe. I also love that you can get 20% off your first purchase. That makes a pair (or two!) a no brainer, really!

  4. 1.6.15
    Erica said:

    I hadn’t seen that style yet. Very chic! I would definitely choose the grey!!

  5. 1.6.15
    Lily said:

    Hah, a real issue! love em!

    x Lily

  6. 1.7.15
    Sonya said:

    I love the grey ones!!! I don’t like wearing heels so wedges are my “heels”. I can’t even imagine wearing them right now though, working from home in Chicago and it is 0 with a -20 windchill. :(

  7. 1.7.15
    Ella said:

    LOVE oh my gosh. I am so ready for spring!

  8. 1.7.15

    I love these! I have been sticking to leather recently because with all of the walking I do in San Francisco a pair of suede wedges like this would get beaten up!

  9. 1.7.15
    Chiara said:

    i think i want all colors!

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