Winter Beauty Routine

What's been saving my skin.

Ah, frigid winter months — what havoc this time of year can wreak on your skin! Since getting over my initial change-of-season breakout, I’m actually pleased to report that I’ve found a winter beauty routine that’s been working really well for me. I integrated a few new products with a few old ones (and one I’d even forgotten about), and I’ve been so happy with my skin that most days, I don’t wear any makeup. And if I do, I only dot on a little of that Juice CC cream. In winter! Who woulda thunk? So I thought I’d share some of my fave products in case anyone is looking for new goodies to try!

Last year, I picked up a bottle of Dr. Hauschka’s Soothing Cleansing Milk mid-winter, when my skin was so dry and using my regular cleanser seemed to be making things worse. I found that by washing with the Cleansing Milk in the morning, my skin became a lot more balanced. Using it only once per day, the bottle actually lasted me through the entire winter season and then some — after shelving it through the spring and summer, I only recently finished last year’s bottle, then bought another. Even though it’s a natural product, it was perfectly fine a year later (and had a few more months before it expired!). ‘Milk’ is the perfect way to describe this product — it doesn’t foam at all, and it just feels really creamy when you rub it on your skin with water. Rinse, and your skin feels velvety and hydrated, not stripped at all. I love it. Read the rest of my routine below…

After patting my face dry, I spray on some Avène Thermal Spray. I started doing this recently, using a bottle I’d had on hand forever. I sometimes think finding a routine that works for you is all about mixing and matching, even with products you’ve used for years. I had never really used this spray as a daily toner before, but it’s perfect for it. I spritz it on, and then immediately apply the Tata Harper serum. Somehow, when the two mix together, I think it sinks into the skin really well and creates this great base layer for your moisturizer. It’s like the minerals in the spray add an extra little boost to the serum or something — plus, it just feels incredible. The Tata Harper serum is one I’ve used for a couple years, and try as I might to find a natural/non-toxic serum that is less expensive, I can’t find anything that I love quite as much or leaves me quite as glowing. I’ve surrendered myself to the splurge (luckily, a bottle does last me for several months!).

I loved Dr. Hauschka’s Cleansing Milk so much that I recently decided to try out other products from the line. I’ve always heard amazing things about the brand’s Rose Day Cream, but decided to try the Quince Day Cream, since it seemed like it’d match my skin type better. I love it! Just a tiny dab smoothed out on each cheek and the forehead leaves your skin so moisturized. It sinks in very quickly, and dries matte, so even with tons of oils in it, you’re not shiny at all. Your skin just looks really natural and fresh. From a moisturizing standpoint, it’s been a great balance for me — it’s hydrating, but doesn’t feel heavy. I’m completely sold on it. If you have extra dry skin, do check out the Rose Day Cream, as I think it may be even more moisturizing. At night, I’m still using my trusty Weleda Skin Food (it’s my go-to night cream year round, but in winter, it’s especially perfect).

I don’t know about you, but my lips tend to get absolutely gross if I don’t apply lip balm a lot in winter. Cracked, peeling — you get the idea (ugh). About two months ago, I bought one of these EOS lip balms at a drugstore, and got totally hooked on it. It’s fun to apply and works really well, plus it’s 100% natural and 95% organic, all for under $3.50! Can’t beat that.

And that’s my skincare routine as of late! I can see sticking with it through the colder months, then switching things up again next spring (my next change-of-season breakout will tell me when it’s time…).

Are there any winter beauty products you swear by?


  1. 12.4.14

    I’m addicted to EOS too! But I have terrible habit of buying lip balms whenever I am near a CVS/DR (especially in the winter) – so I am vowing to finish all the random lip balms I have before purchasing another. I’m also big on exfoliating my lips in the winter so they don’t look to chapped. I use Frank or St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

  2. 12.4.14

    I can’t go anywhere without my EOS ball – it’s so cheap, but so good! I keep saying I”m going to try Tata Harper, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. My skin is super sensitive to some products and I think all natural is the way to go.

    • 12.4.14

      You can check out a sample pack from Tata Harper too, before really pulling the trigger! Also, if there’s a department store near you that carries it, swing by and ask for a sample — they should put a few together for you!

  3. 12.4.14
    Arina said:

    Skin Food is the best winter all-over moisturizer I’ve found! I don’t love the scent, but I love what it does for my skin.

    I’m sad that the EOS balms don’t seem to work as well for me as they do everyone else. The packaging is cute, the flavors are good, and yet it just doesn’t seem to do anything for my lips.

  4. 12.4.14
    Liz said:

    I recently started using these two new products and my skin is super glowy and not dry at all! Now I just need to solve my cracked lips!–neck-oil?product_id=7311105

  5. 12.12.14

    These are wonderful picks! I definitely want to try more from the gorgeous brand, Tata Harper.

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