Thanksgiving Week/End

happy thanksgiving!

+ EARLY BLACK FRIDAY SALES: It’s already begun…there are great Black Friday deals to be had at Shopbop, Nordstrom, and J.Crew Factory (where right now, everything is 50% off until Sunday night). A few of my sale picks include this sweater, this jacket (which you can get an extra 15% off of with code GOBIG14), and this sweater dress (I actually bought this early in the fall and love wearing it with tights and boots. At the sale price? It’s an amazing find). I’m sure the deals will get even better come Friday and next Monday too…and on that note, be sure to stop by here Friday, as I’ve rounded up a ton of great sales, from big and small businesses alike. One additional sale that’s close to home and perfect if you are a fellow blogger or small biz owner: right now, The B Bar is offering 20% off your entire purchase with the code THANKS20!

+ GO TO LONELY STARBUCKS LOVERS: Ok, it was oddly reassuring that I was not the only one mishearing that lyric in Taylor Swift’s new song. You too? Here’s the science of why we keep thinking she’s singing something else.

+  A HERITAGE BIRD: Unsurprisingly, these used to be all the rage in SF. Have you ever tried a heritage turkey?

+ DON’T BE THAT GUY: The absolute worst things you can do on a plane. If you’re traveling this weekend, please take note.

+ IN VINO VERITAS: Last year I rounded up my favorite Thanksgiving wine recommendations, and they definitely still hold. Reference this if you’re bringing wine to your celebration!

+ TRAILER PARK CHIC: Can you believe Ellen Pompeo’s set trailer makeover? It just goes to show you that with a little ingenuity, even the tiniest places can feel amazing.

+ DOGS WEARING SNOW BOOTS AND TRYING TO WALK: Need I say more? This provided a much needed laugh this week!

+ POP SONG POP CULTURE: I had noticed that most pop songs were always close to the same length, but never knew it was for a reason. There’s actually a bit of history behind it

+ HEY, DON’T FORGET: To enter the Minted giveaway! It’ll close this coming Sunday — get your entries in now for your chance to win a $250 gift card to!

We made it to Wednesday! I sometimes think the day before Thanksgiving is almost as fun as the actual holiday — mostly because the anticipation, cook prep, and the half day I usually take off make me so excited. Long time blog readers will know that Joe and I switch off making traditional Thanksgiving meals with non-traditional. Last year, we roasted a Turducken and had all the trimmings, so this year we’re due for a non-traditional meal. We’ve decided on Tex Mex Cantina Night: I’m going to be making us cheesy beef enchiladas, the requisite rice and beans, and of course, margaritas. It definitely wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without our usual hot baked spinach and artichoke dip to start, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches for dessert. No matter the menu each year, those two things always make an appearance.

What is everyone doing for the holiday? Are you traveling? Do you have any favorite traditions you are looking forward to? Our Christmas tree is being delivered Friday afternoon and I can’t WAIT to decorate it and the rest of the house.

A little update for you guys on Lucy, too. She’s in good spirits this week and her personality has definitely returned, which is such a big relief. She’s beginning to stand more on her own, but won’t do it for too long as she gets tired and her balance is really off! There’s definitely improvement though, and our visit to the vet last Friday for her first post-op checkup went really well — the vet was thrilled with how she’s doing, so even though some days progress seems slow, we’re staying patient and just giving her time. The vet said she might even begin trying to walk by the end of this week, and we’ve noticed when she stands up, she tries to take a step or two, but always falls over in her bed. But still, it’s great progress!

I hope all of you have a wonderful, restful, peaceful Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers to you and yours!

Image: from Foodie’s Feed, with text graphics added by Victoria McGinley


  1. 11.26.14
    Sarah said:

    I’m so glad you gave me a list of wine, because I’m the absolute worst at picking out wine. I’m the consumer that goes “Smoking Loon – that’s a funny name” or “Ooohhh, I really like this blue bottle!” And then realize that these are not the things that I should think about when picking out a wine. I’m excited to try Riesling!

    – Sarah :)

  2. 11.26.14
    Donna said:

    Happy early Thanksgiving, Victoria! I am soooo glad I wasn’t the only one who kept hearing (and singing) that line in Blank Space wrong! The first time I heard the song, I Googled the lyrics and I was in denial. I still don’t hear anything about a long list of ex lovers so that’s too bad.:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    lots of love from Toronto.

  3. 11.26.14
    Erin said:

    HA! I kept hearing “Starbucks lovers” too, and thought I was crazy. I hadn’t looked up the lyrics yet, so was telling myself she must be saying “starcrossed lovers”, but I guess not. ;)

  4. 11.26.14

    I love that you guys switch things up every other year. I’m not a huge fan of most traditional Thanksgiving dishes (no turkey, ham, casseroles..etc.), but my grandma always makes sure she has her homemade mac and cheese and mashed potatoes ready for me. Feel free to share that ice cream sandwich recipe – yum ;) Have a great holiday weekend!

  5. 11.26.14
    Ella said:

    Oh my GOSH Ellen Pompeo’s trailer is all of my goals ever. What a great inspiration piece for small apartments as well! I’m so glad to hear Lucy is continuing to make progress. I lost my dog at the end of October very suddenly to a heart condition. Gotta treasure your time with these amazing creatures!

  6. 11.27.14

    Loving these link… especially dont be that guy haha… happy thanks giving.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

  7. 11.28.14

    These are such fun picks! I definitely mishear lyrics often and with Taylor Swift, I heard Starbucks lovers as well.

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