9 Sweater Tunics to Wear With Leggings


So those fabulous over-the-knee boots I bought earlier this fall? It’s only begat one problem — they’re kind of all I want to wear now, and with that, I only want to wear them with leggings and a big cozy sweater. I’ll be honest — up until recently, leggings have not been a huge part of my fall wardrobe. I was a stick-with-skinny-jeans kind of gal, thank you very much. But like all other trends that seem to become classics — skinny jeans, maxi dresses, et al — I’ve been a late adopter and once on the bandwagon, don’t really understand what took me so long. So yes, I’ve been stocking up on leggings, too. Leggings need a specific kind of top, and with cooler temps, that means warm, chunky sweaters.

I had a couple of these types of knits in my wardrobe, but especially love how they look with the taller boots, so I’ve been on the lookout for a couple more sweater tunics to wear with leggings. I know I won’t shut up about Banana Republic’s new collection and styling this fall, but seriously, it’s been really good — I added this sweater and this one to my collection (the latter looks a little short on the model, but I found that if I sized up, I got a more drapey, tunic-y look that covered all the necessary bits. And hello, zipper details!). This sweater tunic from Gap comes in a couple different colors and is currently on sale; and if you are looking for a slightly different silhouette, I’m in LOVE with this gorgeous pumpkin-hued poncho (how fun, right?).

Ok, so I’m pretty sure I’m one of the last people to adopt the leggings/sweater tunic look, but if you’re still hesitating, trust me when I say — if maxi dresses are summer’s secret pajamas, leggings and sweater tunics are fall/winter’s. Bundle up!



  1. 10.22.14

    Good idea! I didn’t even really think of wearing the over the knee boots with leggings – I’ve just been all about the skinny jeans, though some of mine are practically like leggings. A very good idea! Definitely going to be looking to add some sweaters like these to my wardrobe – I’m all about cozy and oversized for winter. I like the cable knit with the faux leather details!

  2. 10.22.14

    I just found the BEST leggings at J.Crew, so this post is right on time – as your posts always are. Loving the BR leather trim pullover!

  3. 10.22.14

    Loving these selections! I’ve been living in a few of my favorite sweaters and leggings lately, like in my post today :)

    xo, Laura
    bright and beautiful

  4. 10.22.14

    I really like the color of the Harvest Moon Poncho and the Textured Cowl Neck Tunic, but I love the functionality of the Cable Knit Tunic. Happy Wednesday, Victoria :)

  5. 10.22.14

    Leggings and sweaters with boots will always be a favorite of mine. Loving your picks, especially the cable knit in the bottom row!

  6. 10.22.14
    Julia said:

    I love this post so much. Leggings + sweaters are the best and I always have a hard time finding sweaters that cover the bum so this post is so helpful. :)

  7. 10.22.14
    Ujjaini said:
  8. 10.22.14
    Erica said:

    I can’t stop raving about BR this season too! Marissa’s influence has re-energized the brand. I hadn’t looked closely at either of the sweaters you’ve picked up (it’s still 90+ in Arizona), but I need to check them out!

  9. 10.22.14

    The harvest moon sweater is awesome. Such a lovely shape to it. Makes me want to cosy up!

  10. 10.22.14
    Joyce Pak said:

    I love these, they look so cozy for the fall weather. Thanks for rounding them up!


  11. 10.23.14
    Agoprime said:
  12. 10.23.14
    jillian said:

    ohh i love that tunic from gap! i bet it’ll work with a bump too :) xo jillian

  13. 10.23.14

    I’d wear #5 and #6, but all of them are quite nice :)


  14. 10.23.14

    I love the Harvest Moon sweater! I need to get that AND some leather leggings.

  15. 10.23.14
    Kathleen said:

    Very neat! Thanks for sharing :)

  16. 10.27.14

    This is definitely my weekend outfit. I love wearing leggings + tunic sweaters (the most important reason why, because I always eat a lot on the weekends, I mean let’s be honest!!)

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