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Happy Monday! I had a very relaxing weekend filled with lots of time to myself (I think I really needed it), and as a result, have a couple cool things I discovered and wanted to share with you today. I’ve been meaning to read the book The American Heiress for several years now, since I judged the book cover (positively!) the first time I ever saw it and love me a good historical fiction novel. After plowing through it this weekend, I thought the book was just okay. But because of it, I started looking around online and found this awesome online exhibit of Gilded Age fashions created by the house of Charles Frederick Worth (who’s mentioned many times in the book as THE couturier for the wealthy during this era). This exhibition goes into wonderful detail about the designs, who wore the dresses, and offers an awesome zoom feature that allows you to really see each pieces’ details (I mean, the velvet on the first dress. Wow.). The Gilded Age has always been an interesting time in American history to me; now, living in New York, it’s even more fascinating! If you love a good costume exhibition, you must check this out. 

Next, Joe and I spent several hours this weekend watching episodes of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The premise, if you actually need me to explain it to you, is this: Jerry calls up a comedian friend and asks them to get coffee. He picks them up in some kind of historic, significant car (sometimes jalopies or clown cars; other times ridiculously beautiful vintage sports cars). They drive somewhere and get coffee. It’s kind of a show about nothing, but it’s fantastic. It’s so cool to see him and his guests talk as friends, about life, family, friends, comedy, work…everything! If you need a place to start, I laughed a lot at this episode with Ricky Gervais and this one with Louis C.K. And this one with Sarah Silverman was great too. But really, there hasn’t been a dud in the bunch. The episodes are beautifully shot, have the most charming music, and are just super fun.

Finally, this clutch. It’s no secret how much I adore Sézane, and in addition to recently breaking down and buying this tote in camel (it’s awesome), I also had to have this gorgeous, will-use-it-all-the-time clutch. It’s a mix of the softest black leather and smooth, velvety suede, and even has three interior pockets to keep your shiz organized. I love, love, love it!

Anything you’ve been liking/loving/or lusting after lately?


Images each courtesy of: Museum of the City of New York  |  Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee  |  Sézane

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  1. 9.15.14

    I saw The Heiress and was almost sucked in by the great looking cover and the subject matter too – I’m a big fan of historical fiction. The Amazon reviews put me off though. However, I have been wanting to read something that takes place during that time period – thanks for reminding me of that! Just added A Season of Splendor to my Amazon wish list. It’s non-fiction about the Astors and society during the Gilded Age in Manhattan. It has pretty good reviews on Amazon (not sure why that’s my be-all end-all source for deciding whether or not to buy a book, haha). I’ll let you know how it is!

  2. 9.15.14
    ame said:

    I LOVE that Seinfeld show, and my favorite might have been the SJP ep. That giant station wagon!

  3. 9.15.14
    Ellie said:

    The book sounds intriguing, but now I’m not so enthused haha. I also love historical fiction and I’m actually reading a Philippa Gregory novel now. If you like the turn of the last century, have you read The Luxe books? They’re definitely YA and are quick reads, but I LOVED them! A lot like Gossip Girl centered around the wealthy living in Gramarcy Park and 5th Ave in the very early 1900s.

  4. 9.15.14

    that sézane clutch is GORGEOUS! and yes, i was interested in the heiress too but now after reading this post think i’ll steer clear. thanks for the heads up :)

  5. 9.15.14

    Anything Seinfeld touches is golden! I love this series, my favorites have been of course Michael Richards.

  6. 9.15.14
    Lindsey said:
  7. 9.16.14
    Ashlee said:

    Thanks Victoria for telling us about Jerry Seinfeld’s web series…it’s made for a funny & insightful morning :) My favorite episode featured Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks…they remind me of my interactions w/ my best friend

  8. 9.17.14
    Ella said:

    The Gilded Age sounds amazing! Did you get a chance to go to the French Impressionistic exhibit at the Met a few years ago? It was without a doubt the best museum experience I have ever had. There were Monet paintings right next to the dresses and shoes worn by the subjects! It was SO cool! Great for anyone even a little interested in fashion.

  9. 9.18.14
    Joy said:

    Oh, you’re a girl after my own heart! While I love all three of these things, but Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is absolutely one of my favorite things. We’ve watched the entire series and now we’re at a loss! The Louis C.K. episode is just so charming. I really hope he has Mike Birbiglia on at some point. And doesn’t it just make you like Jerry Seinfeld even more?

  10. 9.18.14
    Agoprime said: