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I love a good housewarming party.

new victoria mcginley

It’s here, it’s here! This past week was a whirlwind getting everything set up, switched over, re-directed, updated, and every other adjective you can think of associated with “renovating.” Without further adieu, I’m so excited to introduce you to the new studio site and blog. I hope you love it as much as I do!

There’s a lot to look at around here (especially compared to my old sites), so I thought the best way to show you around my new home would be to take you on a short tour and point out some of my favorite features. Let’s do it.


blog nav

Here on the blog, you can navigate around using the menu at the top. I’ve included a dropdown with some of my favorite categories, so if you like to follow certain topics, you can easily access them there. Next to that, you can also check out my new Recipe Box, which features visual images of all my recipes! If you want to view all the recipes in list form, simply click on “View Full Recipe Index”, like this:


And then, there’s one of my absolute favorite pages on the new blog: Candy. This is a page that’s filled with the most delightful of treats. At the top is a mini-boutique that features cool finds from new-to-me shops and retailers. I loved the idea of promoting small businesses, artisans, and brands that aren’t necessarily super well known yet, so this will be a place where those unique finds live. The Candy page also features links to things I’m loving (kind of in the spirit of Week/End), my blog roll, and a travel guide for cities I’ve lived in or get asked about a lot. I seriously love this page, and hope you do too.

As far as posts go, you may notice that some posts have a section beneath them featuring items from the post. This will be your quick guide to links, shoppable items, and photographer credits — basically anything mentioned within the post that deserves a call out.

post details

The post footer also features new post sharing buttons, and of course a comment link:

post footer

You can also view related posts; be sure to scroll over the image tiles to see the title of the post if you’re curious:

related posts

A couple other fun features: between each post, you’ll notice little “interstitials” — keep an eye out, as I’ll be updating these regularly with quotes and other fun surprises. And, at the bottom of the blog, I’ve included some quick links to Instagram, my latest tweet, and of course, Pinterest. These will cycle in and out, so hopefully each time you visit the site, there will be something new down there!

One of the the biggest parts of this redesign was combining the studio along with the blog. You can get to the Studio page by clicking on “Studio Home” up in the top nav bar, or by simply going to victoriamcginley.com. Once you get there, you’ll notice the nav bar changes a bit — it’s your way to navigate around all my business services and the projects I’ve been working on!

studio nav


Historically, I haven’t talked much about my work on the blog; now, you can easily check out Services, my Portfolio, and lots more. Click around, explore a bit, and let me know what you think. You can also access many of my Studio features right on the main homepage:

studio quick links

And, there’s also a footer at the bottom of all the studio pages, for easy access to my social media channels:

social quick links

So, what do you think? My goal in designing this site was to have something comprehensive, but still easy to follow along with. I opted to keep the layout here on the blog simple, but zhush up some of the other features that previously lived on vmac+cheese, which I suspect you might not have known about since they were so hidden (like all my recipes, and the blog roll). Though I’ve driven myself nuts testing virtually every aspect of the site, please feel free to let me know if you notice anything that’s not working, or if something is hard to read. I’d love to get your feedback!

Last few bits of housekeeping notes before we return to regularly scheduled blog programming: my announcement post from last week has been updated with the most current links to all my social media platforms. I’ll continue to update it as things change. Facebook is taking their sweet time with my page name change, so keep an eye out for that if you follow along there. Also, good news for Bloglovin subscribers: I’ve worked with them to change my old feed to the new one, so in theory, you shouldn’t have to do anything on your end. If you can’t see the feed and would like to re-subscribe, my Bloglovin profile is here. You can subscribe at victoriamcginley.com/feed, if you want to follow along via another RSS Service or Feedly.

As always, thanks to each and every one of you for your support, and especially all the kind words of encouragement! I know this is a big change, but it’s one I’m stoked about, and I hope you are too. Cheers, and enjoy!

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  1. Gabriela wrote:

    Love the attention to detail and the thorough explanation! I’m relatively new to your blog and have been eyeing up some of your services/”cocktails.” Looking forward to reading along after all these changes!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  2. Rachelle wrote:

    Loving this layout, the blog looks great!


    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  3. JC wrote:

    It looks amazing. So clean a fresh. I love it!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  4. congratulations victoria, the site looks absolutely AMAZING!

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  5. Jasmin wrote:

    Loving it, girl! Fantastic!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  6. LOVE IT! I like how everything is easy to find, simple, yet still creatively designed at the same time. Congratulations!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  7. It looks amazing!!!!! So proud of you!! xx

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  8. Everything looks so fresh + clean! I’m off to explore everything right now :)

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Everything is perfect and very you! Classic, Mature, and Playfully Feminine!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  10. I love how you made it look like a space we already knew + loved… but also gave everyone something new, and spicy. Congrats!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  11. ame wrote:

    It looks fantastic. Very clean. And I like this post with the overview!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  12. The site looks amazing congratulations!!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  13. Congratulations Victoria! I’m completely in love with the new site. It looks clean and fresh, it’s easy to navigate, and clearly gets your point across as to what services you offer and what you’re all about. You and Lisa did an amazing job! Truly one of the best blog/website re-designs that I’ve seen.

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  14. It looks absolutely amazing!!! I love how clean + simple it is…but so much attention to detail! Bravo Love!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  15. Lindsay wrote:

    Wow Victoria – this all looks amazing – congrats on the new site! Love it! xoxo

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  16. Ella wrote:

    Love, love, love! I already sent you an email letting you know about one link that isn’t working, but I found another: In Candy, under Blog Roll, there is no link to Nicole Franzen.
    Can’t wait to see more on this platform!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
    • Thank you, Ella! I’ve updated Nicole’s blog and the stuff in the email you sent me — will also respond to your email soon! :)

      18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  17. Nnenna wrote:

    It looks absolutely amazing and you’ve clearly put so much thought and time into. Congratulations on the new site!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  18. Maria wrote:

    I am so excited to see it up and running! I love the color combination! No detail was left unattended, and I can’t wait to see more.

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  19. Kayla wrote:

    WOW WOW WOW! It looks beyond amazing!!


    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new site!! You did an amazing job!!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  21. Sasha-Shae wrote:

    Love this redesign!! It’s beautiful, functional and definitely your style! I also love that you’ve added those little extra bits under the post footer, good touch! The whole website feels so sleek and easy on the eyes. Lisa did a good job coding this up!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  22. So excited for today and now that it is up … Oh wow it looks freakin’ awesome! Lovin’ it! You did a great job. Always loved how the old sites looked, but this is just such a fresh, streamlined and updated look. Perfect timing as fall is just around the corner and somehow there’s always that feeling to reinvent yourself this time of year and you did just that at just the right moment in just the most perfect way. It’s super easy to navigate and just so shiny and new! Congrats V – it’s outstanding!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  23. Kaity wrote:

    your new site looks fantastic! I love the updated layout and all of the extra little special features you have built in. super functional and super stylish.

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  24. It’s a very clean and easy to navigate site. Love the quotes. Best wishes!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  25. tasha wrote:

    The attention to detail is amazing! This is super beautiful! Really the perfect website. I am currently in the process of redesigning my service website. Thanks for the inspiration.

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  26. Congrats, Victoria!!! Your new site is beautiful. :)

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  27. Victoria, your new website is perfectly clean and organized, I love it! I love that you combined your studio with your personal blog too.

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  28. Yeah, the layout is beautiful and clean. Congrats lady! xo

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  29. Love love love!!!! Congrats, it’s absolutely beautiful!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  30. Janel wrote:

    Wow- this is new site has exceeded my expectations tenfold. It is so beautifully and thoughtfully designed- congratulations!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  31. Sejal wrote:

    Congratulations, Victoria! This site is incredible!

    18 Aug 2014 · Reply
  32. Kierra wrote:

    Love the new design! And thanks so much for the tour! Thats so unique!

    19 Aug 2014 · Reply
  33. Sara Combs wrote:

    Congrats, it looks great! I love some of the new features you added, like the recipe box and the candy page. All good stuff!

    19 Aug 2014 · Reply
  34. The new website looks amazing V! I love your Candy page – great idea xoxo

    19 Aug 2014 · Reply
  35. kate wrote:

    just found your site through instagram (duh) — love it!! your writing is so honest and cute, and has a lot of solid advice + fun! happy to start following along! kate

    19 Aug 2014 · Reply
    • Thank you, Kate! What a lovely comment. Welcome, and happy to have you here!

      19 Aug 2014 · Reply
  36. Natalie wrote:

    You are so ridiculously talented. I LOVE the new site! I think it meets your goal exactly. Everything in one place, but still super easy (and fun!) to get around. It’s freaking gorgeous and I love how easy you made it to navigate. I agree that the Candy page just might be my favorite.

    Congrats, lady! I’m in love with it!

    P.S. One thing I just noticed is that the Instagram box in the footer doesn’t have an image.

    19 Aug 2014 · Reply
  37. Erica wrote:

    Your redesign looks great!! I can’t imagine the hours you poured into making it perfect. I love that you wanted to make it as easy experience for your users. After spending some time looking around today, I can say you accomplished your objective!

    By the way, I’ve seen this tee on Piperlime a few times lately and think of your love of champagne each time. :) http://piperlime.gap.com/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=386213002

    Congratulations on your launch!

    19 Aug 2014 · Reply
  38. This looks great, Victoria! Love the new look and I can’t wait to start exploring the site :)

    20 Aug 2014 · Reply
  39. Congratulations Victoria! What an amazing new site + accomplishment. I hope you celebrated with some champagne ;)

    21 Aug 2014 · Reply
  40. Yeay Victoria!! I love it! Congratulations. It is beautiful!

    25 Aug 2014 · Reply
  41. Congrats on the new look! Very professional and clean looking! One day I will have you design a new one for me! Lord knows I need it! XO, VL.

    26 Aug 2014 · Reply
  42. It’s beautiful! Congratulations Victoria!!

    2 Sep 2014 · Reply
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