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Brass, baths, and exorbitantly expensive (yet worth it) candles. What's not to love?

Im Loving August

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Whew, what a weekend! We had a great time upstate doing basically nothing. The house we rented was incredible — set in a forest, at the top of a hill, with beautiful (western!) views of the Catskills. The sunsets were unbelievable. On Saturday, I organized a private yoga class at the house, and I have to say, there was nothing like doing 2 hours of yoga in the sunshine, with mountains in the distance. It was very restorative! So restorative in fact that as my body had a chance to slow down and unwind and detox, I think the cold I held off last week came back with full force. I’m pretty sick today, but I’m using this as an excuse to extend the weekend for an extra day and head back to bed, basically after I publish this (very belated) post.

Okay, so some things I’m loving. Anthro has done it again with their shoe collection; these flats are just so charming, and I was wowed by each of these slingbacks and shooties (which I think is the weirdest word ever, but hey, it’s descriptive). Second, I’ve been obsessing over products from Ferm Living, a Danish decor brand. Their hex line of products are especially lustworthy. You can buy them direct from their site but US shipping is pretty steep; instead, I’ve found a bunch of their things here without the painful shipping or exchange rate.

Next, it’s rare that I’d spend this much on a candle, but Cire Trudon’s collab with Giambattista Valli was too good to pass up. I adore the faceted shape of their candle jars, and the scents are otherworldly. If you ever see their candles on display in a store in bell jars, here’s how to look very in the know: lift the bell jar and sniff the inside of it to get a sense of the candle’s fragrance — it’s more accurate than sniffing the candle wax itself. Fun fact: Cire Trudon is the oldest candle manufacturer in France, and was the candle maker for Marie Antoinette and Napoleon alike. You can check out more of their history here (it’s fascinating).

Finally, a note on some goodies that very kind companies recently sent me: my friends at Serena & Lily sent over this absolutely gorgeous pareo. I love it so much, it’s actually been hanging over a banister in my apartment, just so I can look at the colors and admire it. Items like this are so versatile — it’s a blanket, a cover up, a scarf, whatever you want it to be! And, my sweet friend Meredith also sent me a goodie box of items from EO. Everything she picked out was amazing, but I’m particularly into the Yoga Soak, this body lotion, and this All Purpose Soap. You can use the cleaner to clean your bathroom or wash your dog — it’s 100% natural and non-toxic, and extremely effective!

How was the first weekend in August for you? Do anything fun? And is there anything you’re obsessing over right now?


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  1. 8.4.14

    That two hour yoga session sounds heavenly! Anthro always has such a great selection that you won’t find anywhere else, I love this pair. Get to feeling better soon!

  2. 8.4.14

    Excited to try out those candles! Can you tell me which store had the bell jars? I’ve actually been looking for one! Gracious Home?

    • 8.4.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Yep!! The one at 71st and 3rd.

  3. 8.4.14

    Thanks for reminding me to visit the new Serena & Lily store that opened in SF! And I have to try our EO. Hope you’re feeling better!

  4. 8.4.14
    Catherine said:

    Those shoes are seriously the cutest! So glad you had a fun birthday weekend. Your pictures looked amazing on Insta!


  5. 8.4.14

    I can’t wait for my candle to come! Truly the best! <3

  6. 8.4.14
    Chris said:

    Thanks so much for the shout out, we love Ferm Livings new brass collection too!


  7. 8.4.14

    Yes! Love that paper towel dispenser … it’s perfect!

  8. 8.4.14
    P&F said:

    Love this selection!

  9. 8.4.14

    I love those anthro flats!! Too cute :)


  10. 8.5.14
    Agoprime said: