The Zara Mini City Bag: An Affordable It Bag

the zara city bag
We didn’t do a ton of shopping while in Paris, mostly a lot of browsing and oohing and aahing in windows. However, one day we found ourselves near a Zara, and as a firm believer that for whatever reason, Zara’s in Europe are better than the ones at home, I made Joe amuse himself while I popped in.

One of the first things I spotted was this cheerful, bright yellow handbag. Dubbed the “Mini City Bag”, the shape reminds me so much of Louis Vuitton’s classic Alma bag (which, between you and me, I’ve been coveting for ages). I didn’t pull the trigger because I do want to eventually buy the LV; however, I wasn’t surprised to see every color of this bag gracing the arms of chic Parisian gals all over town. I saw them breeze past me during breakfast in the 6th; another shot by during a coffee break in the 3rd; still another jetted past me as its owner dashed off the metro. As many gorgeous designer handbags as I also saw, the French gals proved once again that style does not have to be about blowing your budget — it’s all in the attitude.

I’m pretty sure these are in Zara stores here in the states, but if not, you can easily order it online!


  1. 6.19.14

    I have always found that the Zara’s are better in Europe..I dont know what it is.. When I was studying abroad in Italy I found so many great pieces that I still have from the Zara in the Florence.

    What a beautiful bag. I might have to head into Zara later today and check it out. I am always looking for classic and structured bags.

  2. 6.19.14

    Love the structure of that bag Gorgeous!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. 6.19.14
    Abby said:

    I love the bag, but more importantly your graphics and design for this post are gorgeous!

    • 6.19.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Aw, thank you, Abby!

  4. 6.19.14
    Sam said:

    I bought a green cotton coat at Zara in Rome that I absolutely love and came in handy when the weather was much cooler than I had packed for!

  5. 6.19.14

    These are fabulous! Thanks for the find lady.

  6. 6.19.14

    Such a classic shape, never would have thought it came from Zara. They are killing it lately!

  7. 6.19.14
    Catherine said:

    Omg love. Those Parisians know what they’re doing!


  8. 6.19.14
    Nnenna said:

    It’s so true that the Zara stores in Europe are better than the ones here! The first time I shopped in Zara was in Spain a few years ago and when I moved to NYC I was excited to shop Zara in the States, but it’s not the same. I love this bag- these type of structured bags are my favorite.

  9. 6.19.14
    Ella said:

    OOH. I WANT. Thanks form the heads-up, this is definitely going on my wishlist

  10. 6.19.14
    Christine said:

    Zara stores are probably better in Europe because it’s a Spanish brand ;)

  11. 6.20.14
    KATERINA said:

    ZARA are definitely cheaper in Europe,luckily for me! The bag is on my wishlist!

  12. 6.20.14

    Okay you have got to stop talking me into buying things! I already bought the sandals you wore in France because you know … I’m pregnant … and clearly NEED comfy sandals. And now I’m thinking I NEED that bag for Summer.

    • 6.20.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Need, want, have to have! ;)

  13. 6.23.14
    Jessica said:

    Gorgeous! I can’t decide between black and white or nude.

    Bedknobs & Baubles

  14. 7.14.14
    Deirdre said:

    Can’t find it online! Really the perfect day bag!

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