A Little Lesson on Veuve Clicquot


fun facts about veuve clicquot champagne

Last weekend, I had the unique opportunity to attend the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic, a quick ferry ride away in Liberty State Park. This was its 7th year, and the Classic is a day filled with picnicking, amazing people watching, athletic men galloping around on horses, and of course, lots of Champagne. As we were walking to the match after disembarking from the ferry, I was telling my friends everything I knew about the house of Clicquot. To be honest, it wasn’t too much — I knew how to pronounce the label, where it was from, and that Veuve was the first Champagne house to ever be run by a woman (did you know that Veuve is not someone’s name, but in fact, is the word for “widow” in French?). I was inspired to come home and learn a little bit more about this iconic producer, and was astonished at the history this house has. It’s pretty incredible! A little trivia for the next time you’re enjoying a glass with someone.

If you’re interested in learning more about Veuve (and Madame) Clicquot, there’s a great book about it here. You can also check out Hallie, Julia, Grace and Carly’s recaps of the day too. They were great picnic buddies!

Images: Riddling Rack / Champagne coupe

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  1. 6.3.14
    Laurence said:

    What a nice way to set you in the mood for Paris!

  2. 6.3.14
    Julia said:

    So many good champagne facts! I’m going to start calling you Wiki-toria from now on. Love the one about “Veuve” meaning widow. Fun conversation starter :)

  3. 6.3.14
    jamie said:

    I did not know veuve means widow! Or how sabrage started! Thank you!

  4. 6.3.14

    Well aren’t you just a wealth of information!

  5. 6.3.14

    ha! this is awesome! I’ll feel more informed next time i’m sipping fancy bubbly!

  6. 6.3.14
    nicole said:

    I think you mean outside of New York in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ.

    • 6.3.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Whoops, you’re right! I’m a total newb at these outlying islands and parks…sorry about that!

      • 6.4.14
        nicole said:

        Oh, we New Jersians (is that even a word) can get pretty sensitive! Ha! I hope you enjoyed the view of NYC tho.

  7. 6.3.14

    Best champs ever!!

  8. 6.3.14

    That orange label is iconic! Thanks for the info!

    x Lily

  9. 7.11.14
    Melissa C. said:

    I absolutely loved “The Widow Clicquot” – I find myself talking about it all the time, especially how she got around the blockades to get champagne to Russia. What a kick-ass lady!

  10. 4.20.15

    I may teach French, but I am definitely NOT fluent in French wine. Merci, hein! :D