I Want to Go to There: Cheval Blanc Randheli

It’s Wednesday — no better day for a visual vacation. And as much as I’m excited about our European travels next month, boy, does an escape to the beach sound super tempting. I saw this jaw dropping resort on Alison’s blog the other day, and haven’t been able to get it out of my head (she finds really cool stuff!). Let’s take a trip there together, shall we? I hope you have your passport ready! 

The Randheli is located in the Noonu Atoll of the Maldives. To access the resort itself, we have to hop aboard the Randheli’s private sea plane for a beautiful 40 minute flight across the sea and tiny islands below. Check out those views!

Once we get to the resort, we’ll check in to our villa. Now, you guys, we have a big decision to make.

Do we prefer an island villa, with a little bit of land and sea, like this? I mean, the gigantic infinity pool and private beach isn’t a bad touch.

…Or would you prefer a water villa, like this?

It’s a toss up. Let’s go with the water villa. I don’t think we’ll regret the decision.

We’ll relax and unwind in our villa’s beautiful, spacious living room…


And then head to get a deep tissue massage here. Horrible views, right? The Randheli is owned by LVMH, and the spa features luxurious Guerlain products. It’s not going to suck.

After a rough few hours of spa treatments, we’ll retreat here to spend some time with a cocktail and a good book…

While lunch is prepared for us inside.

Bellies full, the late afternoon will be spent lounging around here (with impromptu naps definitely involved)…

And the day will end with a seaside dinner, right at our own villa…

So what do you say? Are your bags packed? In all seriousness, file this beautiful resort under dream vacation. I’ve already informed the mister that our official honeymoon (still yet to be taken) needs to happen here. A girl can dream!

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Images via Cheval Blanc Randheli



  1. 5.21.14
    Kat said:

    Looks incredible, I can imagine flying in and seeing that turquoise water below… yes, then lunch would be grand… followed by a nap of course :)

  2. 5.21.14
    Kayla said:

    Ohh my gosh.. is that heaven?


  3. 5.21.14
    jamie said:

    Wow, stunning!!! I’d imagine you’d meet some of the neatest people there!

  4. 5.21.14
    Chelsea said:

    I need to go here!! Beautiful!

  5. 5.22.14
    Ghazaleh said:

    WOW. I WANT TO GO THERE!!! Where are you going in Europe??

    • 5.22.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Renting an apartment in Paris for a week and a half! :)

      • 5.23.14
        Ghazaleh said:

        lucky! I want to go there too… if you have time and interest, you should head out to Giverny to see the Monet gardens. Went there the last time I was in Paris and it was a beautiful half day trip! Also recommend going to Reims for champagne tasting. So fun.

  6. 5.22.14

    Oh, God! You ruined my day with these pictures!!! I wonder if they are real :)

  7. 5.22.14
    Alex said:

    Wow. I am speechless. I am obsessed with this place. It is stunning!!!

    • 5.22.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      I kind of knew you would be! :)

  8. 5.22.14

    Amazing place
    Maggie D.
    The Indian Savage Diary

  9. 5.22.14
    Lily said:

    Who wouldn’t want to go here?!!! Amazing! Especially in a private jet!

    x Lily

  10. 5.22.14
    L. said:

    Yes! The Cheval Blanc Randheli is definitely on my places to visit in the next view months!


  11. 5.28.14
    Rose said:

    Um, wow. I’d be more eloquent but I’m a little speechless at how gorgeous this place is! Love the cheeky little way you wrote this post, too :)

  12. 6.1.14

    I am glad that I inspired you! We just got back from our honeymoon from France and Italy but boy I wouldn’t mind jumping back on that plane and heading to that resort. Thank you for the mention:)

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