park avenue nyc by victoria mcginley

blooming lilacs

tulips on the block by Victoria McGinley

A ROOM, A CHALLENGE: Do you follow those neat One Room Challenge link ups that lots of wonderful design bloggers take part in? Another one finished up this week, and I always love seeing how different (but equally amazing) everyone’s style is. Compare Tobe, Christine, and Albertina’s rooms. All so different, all so beautiful to look at (can you believe they did this in 6 weeks?). I feel like I need to do this challenge at some point just on my own!

TARDE DE MAYO: In case you didn’t get your taco eatin’ in on Cinco de Mayo (or, in fact, if you ate too many), here’s a Mexican inspired salad to whip up this weekend.

FUN FACT: My senior year of high school, in my AP/IB Bio class, another friend and I made a presentation that somehow managed to incorporate sound clips of quotes from Office Space in it. We also might have gotten in trouble for a few of them. Is it a shocker I got every single answer in this quiz right? (Why should I change? He’s the one who sucks.)

ALL THAT FRENCH SHOULD REALLY COME IN HANDY: A really fun post about how much French one really needs in Paris. In other news, I recently hired a French teacher living in Germany to start having Skype conversations with me twice a week for an hour at a time, only in French. It’s hard and my brain hurts after. Also, the things/people you can find on the Internet amaze me.

MMM, LE PAMPLEMOUSSE: You know I can’t resist me some grapefruit. Joe hates the flavor, so I guess these Grapefruit and Mint Negronis will have to be a solo cocktail affair!

PACKING QUEEN: My girl Hitha is doing a big collab with Quarterly to help teach YOU how to pack your shiz better when you go on trips (she’s really the travel queen, y’all — there’s no disputing it!). Her first box contains a few of her fave travel and packing tools, plus advice on how to pack your shoes in a suitcase!

LOVE (UN)LOCKED: If you’ve ever been to Paris, did you put a lock on the Pont des Arts (or any of the other bridges crossing the Seine)? If so, you should know it might NOT, in fact, be there forever. There’s a petition to get rid of ’em!

HUMANS OF THE MET GALA: The wonderful photo blogger Brandon Stanton (he of Humans of New York fame — GO RIGHT NOW if you haven’t already!) photographed the Met Gala this week. I couldn’t love these little anecdotes more (also, I adore the fact that David and Victoria Beckham are canoodling in the background of the last photo).

This was a weird week. One of those that started off so fast, where I woke up and was like “Oh, Wednesday, THERE you are,” and by Thursday night was like, “Hey Friday, can you add another 12 hours to you for me to get stuff done?” I had a fun time stuffing my face at a belated Cinco de Mayo party on Tuesday (yes, in addition to the dinner party I had over the weekend. Of that, we will say nothing more than that it ended with a midnight dance party. And some really, really good pictures.), and — oh lord, I can’t believe I’m writing this — broke down and bought a pair of those silver Birkenstocks this week, too. My rationale is that I needed something insanely comfortable but also insanely cool to walk around Paris in next month. You know, back in the 90s I never actually owned a pair (I think I saved my allowance and bought a knock off pair at one point), and all my teenage angst made me feel incredibly uncool without them (or a pair of Doc Martens boots, et al). It’s funny thinking about the “cool” things of your childhood coming back into style when you don’t need your mother’s approval to buy them! I’m definitely interested to see what all the fuss is about.

Any fun plans for the weekend, chickens? I’m spending part of Saturday with my sister-in-law and her family at the zoo (nephew time!), but other than that, we’re going low key. Don’t forget to show your mama some love this Sunday for Mother’s Day! And if you’re a mama yourself, bask in it.

Happy weekend!

All images via my Instagram.

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  1. 5.9.14

    Love your living room! So polished!


    • 5.9.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Thank you! :)

  2. 5.9.14

    No shame in the Birkenstocks purchase – I got a pair of gold ones and can’t-stop-won’t-stop wearing them. Paired with boyfriend jeans and a tee, and you have my uniform as of late (PS – I think that’ll be my life uniform from here on out!).

    Thank you so much for linking to my Quarterly boxes! You da best.

  3. 5.9.14
    Ellie said:

    SO COOL that you have a long distance French tutor! Ahhh technology!

    Also, the locks on the Pont des Artes are cut off a few times a year to make room for new ones. So regardless they sadly don’t last forever!

  4. 5.9.14
    jamie said:

    Love the Humans New York Met pics! Hope he keeps getting invites to events. I think it was Cup of Jo who had a Birkenstock post the other week and I definitely took a second look at Nordstrom…Have a great weekend!

  5. 5.9.14

    Loving the pictures in this post. I need to check in all the ‘One Room Makeover’ goodness this weekend!

  6. 5.9.14
    Amie said:

    Hi! Unrelated question but as I know you’re a big fan of Everlane and own quite a bit of their silk… I was wondering if you can hand wash them or do you dry clean only?

    • 5.9.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      I dry clean all my silk pieces, just to preserve the color. Washing silk can ruin the piece, and at best, the color usually runs from it! That being said, I also wear the shirts multiple times before sending them to the cleaners!

  7. 5.9.14

    I am on the hunt for a vase like that for my living room. So pretty! Humans of NY is one of my fave Instagram feeds. Love how everyone just keeps it real… Have a great weekend!

  8. 5.10.14
    Emily said:

    I’ve been thinking hard about getting those Birkenstocks! In high school, we ALL wore them- with white tube socks! Ugh. Can’t even believe I just put that out there. I went to a Catholic school so we had white button downs, plaid skirts, white socks and Birkenstock clogs. Terrible, terrible choices!
    I say, if Vogue editors are wearing them, then they’re officially back. :)

  9. 5.10.14

    I was so worried about the language barrier, but my husband and I didn’t have to speak any French the entire time we were in Paris. I suppose our Texas twangs gave us away. As soon as we butchered “Bonjour!”, people immediately switched gears to English, which was a huge relief and courtesy!

    Also, we put a love lock on the Pont des Arts, though I’d read that article about the petition beforehand. Despite the fact that it’ll only be on the bridge for a few months, we’ll have the memory forever. Cheesy but true :)

  10. 5.11.14

    Thank you Victoria for the shout-out! The One Room Challenge was so much fun. When you come to Dallas you will have to visit. And i love that you are skyping with a french tutor to practice! I should do that too!