Beauty Review: One Love Organics

one love organics review

One Love Organics has a lot of things going for it, not least of which is that every time I look at their labels, I get the song “One Love” stuck in my head and instantly feel happy alright. And in the case of OLO’s Vitamin C Body Oil, you’ll probably feel like you’re at the beach too. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

I recently had the opportunity to connect with Elizabeth Dehn, blogger behind Beauty Bets and creator of a special line for OLO — the aptly named Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics. She very kindly offered to send me a few items from her line to try out, and I happily accepted! You might remember that I talked about OLO products in this post, as a mid-range budget buy for natural beauty items, so I’m excited to report back on a few of their most popular products.

one love organics serum and mist review

Elizabeth sent along the Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist, as well as the Active Moisture Vitamin C Serum. First, the Vitamin D Moisture Mist: this spray has the most lovely, romantic aroma of roses, feels great as it’s spritzed on the skin, and does appear to actually hold in moisture. I used it for a few days and loved it, then found it made me break out a little on my cheeks. However (and this is a big however), I wasn’t totally surprised this happened — I’ve found that most hydrating or moisturizing sprays always do this, so it’s not the first time a product like this has caused problems for my skin. It’s always such a bummer, because I DO initially love the way they make my skin feel (and the smell!), but the texture issues, not so much. If your skin is less sensitive than mine and also suffers from dryness, this spray would be a total winner. My skin is totally the odd ball here, so I can’t fault the spray!

Now, the Vitamin C Serum. I think this is a solid all-around serum. One potential benefit (depending on your preferences) is that it doesn’t have a strong floral or fruity aromas as so many other natural products — the aroma is just lightly fruity but not at all overpowering. The serum glides on smoothly, and while it never completely sinks in and does leave a fine layer of oil, I was surprised to find that it doesn’t leave much of a sheen. So if you wanted to skip foundation one day while using this, you would definitely NOT look like an oil slick. The serum did a good job of moisturizing my skin on its own, but if you have super dry skin or were using it in cold weather, I’d try layering the serum under another moisturizer. For me, with much dryer cheeks, I wanted a little boost of moisture there, but my forehead was happily moisturized.

one love organics cleansing sponge review

How adorable is this little heart shaped cleansing sponge? I love it! This little guy looks and feels like a rice cake, but when you run or soak it under warm water, it expands ever so slightly and becomes soft and pliable. Buff it around on your face as you’re cleansing, and you’ll end up with smooth, super clean feeling skin. Despite its texture when it’s dry, the sponge doesn’t scratch or irritate the skin at all — it actually feels really soft! It’s made from konjac root fiber (which, funnily enough is edible, so ‘rice cake’ isn’t that far off), and is easily disinfected. The sponge also comes with a thread attached, so you can hang it up and let it air dry to prevent any mildewing. The box says it can last for three months; I’ve been using it for about a week and so far, so good!

one love organics body oil review

Et enfin, the pièce de résistance. This Vitamin C Body Oil moisturizer is the as far as body oils go. It’s a unique blend of both oils and shea butter, and I was SHOCKED at how quickly it soaked in, with virtually no greasy, oily feeling. It feels the most similar to lotion of any body oil I’ve tried. As I typed this, I just stopped and felt a whole section of my arm that I moisturized earlier today with the oil — I can still feel it’s on there, but it just feels soft and hydrated. The ONLY bummer for me with this one is that I don’t really love the smell. But again, I’m probably in the minority here. The smell is just coconut-y — like a fresh piña colada — and I tend not to love such sweet, fruity aromas, especially all over my person (I’m more of a citrus or herb aroma kind of gal when it comes to these things). I already told Elizabeth this formula needs to be made in another scent, because I would buy the s**t out of it (in the meantime, I might try out another body oil formulation in the Neroli scent). That being said, I DO think this oil would be heavenly on a beach vacation. That’s the one time I’m okay with smelling like a coconut!

Have you tried any of One Love Organics’ products? Which ones did you love?

Images by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese. While the products featured in this post were sent to me free of charge, all opinions are my own.

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  1. 5.7.14

    I have been on the hunt for some organic skin care/beauty products. I have heard of this line before but never thought to try it out. Must see if they supply a sample kit before I go full in. Thanks for helping my skin care hunt!

  2. 5.7.14
    Erica said:

    I started using the OLO eye cream at night a month ago and love it so far. Very hydrating!

  3. 5.7.14

    I love their Microderm Scrub & Mask and am looking forward to checking out more products from the line. That Vitamin C body oil sounds spectacular!

  4. 5.7.14

    Thanks for this honest review! I think this was the push I needed to try these products, after hearing about them on a lot of different blogs. I really need to clean up my beauty routine…I’m on the hunt for organic makeup options as well!

  5. 5.7.14

    I love Elizabeth! And am a big fan of OLO – especially the serums (all of them!), cleansing oil and skin savior balm but the new body oil – full on obsessed! I happen to love the smell but I totally get how it may be too sweet for some. A different scent would be great for fall/winter so I hope they make it!

  6. 5.7.14

    I have been hearing so much about these products, I must try!That body moisturizers looks and sounds incredibly luxurious.

  7. 5.7.14
    Ame said:

    I am a RABID fan of the Vitamin C serum. I had a reaction to the spray as well, but I am allergic to EV-REE-THING and that didn’t entirely surprise me. I loved it til I got my rash, and even waited til my rash cleared and did it again. hah!

    I liked the Cleansing Oil too when I tried it, which was a huge generous sample, I am usually a rabid fan of DHC’s but this might sway me away from it.

    The eye cream is good. I am still using the sample from like a year ago, it’s so potent. I only use that at night though, it doesn’t play nice with makeup if I use it in the morning.

    I also like their cleanser though I am stuck to my LaMer cleansing gel because it doesn’t freak my face out despite being ridiculously pricey.

  8. 5.7.14
    Heidi said:

    I am obsessed with the vitamin B cleansing oil and makeup remover! I started using the vitamin C serum a couple of weeks ago. Loved it at first, but I’m getting some breakouts, which I am not loving. Can’t decide if I should quit using it.

    Love, love, love OLO!

  9. 3.25.15
    Jessica said:

    hands down ugliest containers on market but can’t go wrong with organic.