5 Things I’m Watching and Reading

5 Things I'm Watching and Reading

Food Inc Tapped The Fault in Our Stars Stuff Parisians Like Parts Unknown

This is what you get over the course of several weeks when you have a sick husband, a short lull in projects, and a very hungover Sunday. I give you: a bunch of things we’ve recently watched on Netflix, the DVR, and beyond.

It had been a while since we blew through a bunch of documentaries in one sitting (remember our last binge sesh?), so this past weekend seemed like the perfect time (especially since we were rather incapacitated on Sunday, post-Cinco de Mayo Tres festivities, and the only feasible movements were picking up the phone to order takeout. Joe handled channel changing.). I’ve also been recording the new season of Parts Unknown (incredible television making, as always), and unsurprisingly, am a little giddy about this new series The Cut is doing (which led me to this book). Finally, I’m attending another book club meeting next week, and will be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on The Fault in Our Stars. Have you read it? Thoughts? Any plans to see the movie this summer?

Images: Food Inc Movie (UK Site); Eat Me Daily; Us Magazine; Eiffel Tower by Jonas Tana with modifications made by me, licensed under Creative Commons; CNN

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  1. 5.6.14

    Nothing helps with that lazy post party feeling like a chill out session, great suggestions.

    Meg | Meghan Silva’s Blog

  2. 5.6.14

    i have actually never seen food inc. but thanks for the reminder, definitely want to watch that soon. reading ‘fast food nation’ in college forever changed the way i look at food!

  3. 5.6.14

    Our bookclub is doing Fault in Our Stars also. Hoping to get started today

  4. 5.6.14

    I admittedly haven’t started the book yet either. I did see the trailer for the movie yesterday and was a tiny bit weirded out that the guy playing Shailene Woodley’s love interest in Fault plays her brother in Divergent. Talk about interesting casting.

    Naturally, I’ve added all these documentary recommendations in my Netflix queue and picked up that book for my Kindle. Perhaps that’ll be our next book club book? For either of the book clubs?

  5. 5.6.14

    The author of Fault in Our Stars was on the Today Show this morning… I definitely want to read it before the movie comes out! Thanks for the doc recommendations!

  6. 5.6.14
    jackie said:

    i need to watch those documentaries. my fiancé loves the convenience of bottled water and i’m trying to talk him out buying it as much, so maybe i can trick him into watching it!

  7. 5.6.14
    Ghazaleh said:

    Parts Unknown is awesome, although the Lyon episode made me a bit sad – used to live close by there and seems like I missed out a lot!

  8. 5.6.14
    Bekah said:

    I have Stuff Parisians Like, and it’s hilarious! I hope you enjoy it!

  9. 5.6.14
    Catherine said:

    I have to agree with you on the whole “sick lit” genre, it’s not really my thing. I did read The Fault in Our Stars, and I was entertained, but I didn’t bawl or obsess over it. It kept my interest though!


  10. 5.6.14

    That documentary looks so interesting. My husband is an environmental consultant and always says this about bottled water!

  11. 5.7.14
    Kodi said:

    I loved The Fault In Our Stars — just like you mentioned, it just seemed so real. I wasn’t sure about the movie, but after reading an article about it in a random magazine at the gym I’ve gotten excited to see it.

  12. 5.8.14
    Rose said:

    I watched both Food Inc & Tapped a few months back (and did a similar read/watched kind of post on things I’ve been catching up on). I usually carry a camelbak or something similar around but was totally guilty of buying water bottles when I was out and about and wanted one, or maybe on the way to the gym—I immediately stopped after watching this and have only purchased one water bottle (in an airport when I realized I’d forgotten mine) and got one other at an event I was at. Making a stringent point to avoid bottled water at all costs!! Highly recommend watching both of them, although as someone who gardens & is already a veggie I wasn’t exactly Food, Inc’s target audience :)

  13. 5.8.14

    Alleluiah Parts Unknown is back!! I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!!