The Bucket List

I bought a version of this bucket bag last year (remember?) and have been hooked on ’em ever since. I just adore their casual chic vibe — is it weird to admit that slinging one of these babies over my shoulder when I walk out of my apartment actually makes me FEEL cooler? (And in that department, I always accept the help). I like that whether you have only a few items stored in a bucket bag, or whether it’s stuffed with a scarf, camera, and lots of other junk, they tend to look good slouchy or full. And, since the trend has caught on again, the options available right now are endless — just in time for summer! My style is decidededly not hipster, but there’s no denying that an easy, breezy bucket bag paired with shorts, leather sandals, and a loose, flowing tank is pretty much the only way to go when temps are 90 degrees and higher.

Have you invested in a bucket bag yet? Which of these do you like?


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  1. 4.24.14

    so many beautiful picks!
    my favorite is the mansur gavriel version :)

  2. 4.24.14
    Jourdin said:

    While I wish I could afford the Mansur Gavriel, I’m not rollin’ in the benjamins haha. Thanks for sharing some affordable options! Love the David Jones.

  3. 4.24.14
    Tia said:

    That madewell one is absolutely adorable! Definitely on my wish list!
    xo Tia | http://www.bigcitytyro

  4. 4.24.14

    The Persephoni bucket bag is so interesting!

  5. 4.24.14

    I bought the Old Navy one a few weeks ago, and I have really loved it!

  6. 4.24.14

    Love all the different options you’ve found!

  7. 4.24.14

    Oh hello, yes… love them all!!!

  8. 4.24.14

    Love the roundup!!! So cute.

  9. 4.24.14
    Kate said:

    Don’t forget about the old stand-by/classic from Coach! I still have mine from the early ’90s.

  10. 5.5.14
    Alexandra said:

    Love the Vince Camuto one! Great selection! Xo, Alexandra Glam O’Clock | Beauty Fashion Wellness Lifestyle Blog