Girl, Put Your Records On

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My father was very similar to me in that he had an endless fascination with technology and the “new”. There was one Christmas, probably around 1990 or so, that he and my mother bought a six-CD changer to accompany the record player and dual cassette recorder we had in our living room. In those days, a CD changer like that was a crazy thing to have, but that was my dad. He was a total gadget guy, and though not extravagant with anything else in life, he always wanted the newest technology.

Like me, he was also really into pop culture. The first CD he ever bought, even before the six-CD changer? Paula Abdul’s Forever Your Girl. I remember going with him into a record store (like, a REAL record store) and buying the CD. Compact Discs had their own tiny little section along one wall, and they were all propped up on shelves, because back then, CDs came packaged in thin boxes that were about a foot long (anyone else remember that??).


We shared a love of VH1, cartoons, and computer games, but the one thing we didn’t share a love of is what I used to call his “oldie music”. We would be driving around town and he would switch from the pop station to the “oldies” station on the radio, quieting any complaints I raised. “This is the music I grew up with,” he’d tell me, “One day you’ll understand.” I’d harumph and tell him that I never would. I think my famous last words were something along the lines of, “I won’t have to, because MY music will always be cool!”

Suffices to say, these days, I totally understand. Now if I happen to hear an oldies station in a cab, they’re always playing 90s music, and I adore it and don’t want them to switch stations. Anyone who ever comes to my house (or goes karaoke-ing with me) will soon learn that I have an undying love for 90s music. I think it’s a product of being an only child, and spending a lot of time alone in my room as a kid and teenager. My life revolved around my stereo system. Before music could be downloaded, I’d sit by the stereo for hours on the weekends making cassette mix tapes. Then, I’d spend just as many hours laying on my waterbed (yes, you read that right) and memorizing their lyrics. Once things like WinAmp existed (OMG, does anyone remember that?), I’d spend just as many hours downloading songs, organizing playlists, and then burning them onto CDs. Sans the waterbed, in case you’re wondering.


The trend continues today. I’ll catch up on current music every now and again, but my favorite songs (and playlists) are still ones that are firmly rooted in the 20th century. It always cracks me up to share these types of playlists when I’m entertaining, because inevitably a song comes on that friends haven’t heard in years — and it instantly takes them back. A song like “Semi-Charmed Life” can play, and while most people can sing the chorus and stumble through other parts, who has two thumbs and can sing every last word? This girl. Trust me when I say, you want me on your karaoke team. I mean, the first concert I ever attended was Montell Jordan. Who was the opening act for TLC. Who was the opening act for Boyz II Men. Do you see where I’m going with this?

vintage records

Today I wanted to share a playlist of some of my absolute, all-time favorite, never-gonna-get-sick-of-’em songs from the 90s. If you can clearly remember cassette tapes existing in your childhood, I promise, you’ll find a tune here that’ll leave you longing for your old Walkman. There are classics below, to be sure (y’all, is it just me, or does “Hand in My Pocket” totally hold up?), and a few tracks that run so deep, you might not even remember them (be honest, when is the last time you even thought about the song “Candy Rain”?). Enjoy, and tell me — what 90s song would you add to the list?

Images: Record Store: Wish Wish Wish , check out Carrie’s blog here; Loudness: Orin Zebest; Record Stack: Knar Bedian; Vintage Records: Thomas

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  1. 4.23.14
    Alexandra said:

    Love your playlist! I can relate to every song! Xo, Alexandra

  2. 4.23.14
    V said:

    Ah!! I love 90s music!! Takes me back. One of my all time favorites?….

    Die without You by PM Dawn

    V @ Life+1
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  3. 4.23.14
    Giulia said:

    ha, yes, every one of those songs was on rotation during my high school and university years. However, Ironic, drives me nuts – grammar police! It’s not ironic, it’s just coincidence! and Alanis is from the town I now live in, but still ;)

  4. 4.23.14
    Caitlin said:

    That playlist is to die for! Totally stealing it!

  5. 4.23.14
    Kodi said:

    Put Your Records On is what will be stuck in my head all day! Love it.

  6. 4.23.14
    Nnenna said:

    Yes, 90s music is my favorite too because it reminds me of my childhood. Can’t wait to listen to your playlist and just scrolling through, I’m so pleased to see that “Pony” is on there! That song will never get old.

    Also, the fact that you had a waterbed = amazing.

  7. 4.23.14

    Kind of miss the days of hanging out at Tower Records!

  8. 4.23.14

    Aaaand that song is forever stuck in my head!

    90’s music playlist commences in 3, 2…


  9. 4.23.14
    Sharona said:
  10. 4.23.14
    Lily said:

    My very coolest friends own and still use record players. Plus the sheets make for awesome decor.

    x Lily

  11. 4.23.14
    Steph said:

    Ummm… I, too, know ALL the words to “Semi-Charmed Life.” It’s because it’s awesome!!!! (Becky even bought me some little red panties as a gift because of that line in the song. They were lacy and very uncomfortable. Lol.)

  12. 4.23.14
    Andrea said:

    Yes! This post put a big smile on my face. Nice to see someone who must have grown up around my generation ;)

  13. 4.23.14
    lara said:

    great post! i totally identify with this.

  14. 4.23.14

    It’s not the 90’s without angry female vocalists! I kid, I kids. Yours truly still mostly listens to vinyl. There’s something wonderful about the record stores in NYC, all the old thrift-shops, and the joy of listening to a complete album.

    Favorite 90’s throwback? Anything by the Violent Femmes!

  15. 4.23.14

    OMG! I definitely remember burning mix CD’s and even recording ringtones for my Nokia phone from songs on the radio, haha! I grew up on 90s music and this playlist definitely has some gems. Thanks! xoxo

    • 4.23.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      OMG, Nokia ringtones!!!! How could I not have mentioned?!?!

  16. 4.23.14

    Love this feature, lady! And I love that your sponsored content is always so true to you and original :)

    • 4.23.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Thanks, Liz! That means a lot, I really appreciate it :)

  17. 4.23.14

    Ahhh, love this post so much! I, too, am a 90’s kid. “Creep” and “You Gotta Be” were/still are my jams!

  18. 4.24.14

    Ahhh… the 90s. This was a really good era for the music industry wasn’t it? Your playlist actually has good karaoke staples lol

  19. 5.1.14
    Rose said:

    There is a record store with a SUPER similar sign to that one down in the East Village…so crazy! Anyway, I can totally relate…my parents also have a 6-CD changer with a double cassette deck and record player, by the way, and it’s connected to speakers that run through our living and family rooms.