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COCONUT WHITE STRIPS?: Oh, I am SO trying this. Ayurvedic? Unintended beautifying side effects? Totally my jam.

FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!: In case I haven’t explained my love for bad TV, it’s scary how much I guffawed through this article. It’s embarrassing on so many levels.

I WANT TO GO TO THERE: A designer outlet mall. Outside NY. Me thinks this will end up like every other outlet experience in my life: with nothing to show from the trip except some frozen yogurt in my belly. But I wanna go anyway!

ALL THE PRETTY HOUSES: New York really does have some very cool exteriors. Rashi put them together in a very cool way.

MORE SALAD FOR JOE!: Okay, I wouldn’t mind having this for dinner one evening: a salad with butter lettuce and pesto. Nom.

DON DRAPER = AMERICAN SOCIETY:  A cool interview on Mad Men. It comes back April 13!

INSTAGRAM CLICHÉS: Are you guilty of them? And more importantly, are you over them?

APARTMENT EYE CANDY: I’m totally digging this space.

THE UNIVERSE IS NEAT: It’s weeks like this where the nerd in me comes out. I had a great time trying to figure out exactly what this news meant in layman’s terms (I think I got it). Fun fact! A guy who was an RA with me in college was on the team that lived at the South Pole during the winter to gather data that led to this announcement. I totally creeped his Facebook pics of Antarctica — they were legit. Fun fact #2! I was an RA in college. It blew.

And speaking of the universe, as I said to a couple people, I know for a fact that Mercury is not in retrograde, but it’s like the universe realized we were figuring out its secrets and got pissed, because the start of this week was b-a-n-a-n-a-s. Just me? Work was crazy, there were some tough things in my personal life (not with me so much as with close friends going through hard times), and I was all together ready for the weekend. And hallelujah, here you are again, sweet friend.

This weekend, we’re having a triple date game night at my place (apologies in advance for any, um, tipsy Cards Against Humanity combos that get posted to Instagram). Sunday I’m working out with friends at Flex, and above all else, we will be doing everything we can to enjoy the slightly less frigid temperatures. What about you?

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. 3.21.14
    Jessica said:

    I’m so skeptical of oil pulling, but yet intrigued. I might have to give it a whirl.

  2. 3.21.14
    Nina said:

    That salad sounds delicious! Love butter lettuce and pesto. And yes, I am over instagram cliches. I follow a couple of people and I am like: seriously, how long did that take you to stage???

  3. 3.21.14

    I just can’t put in that kind of effort for an instagram shot, though kudos to those who do (some are pretty gorgeous, even if it is “staged”.)

    And happy weekend!!

  4. 3.21.14
    jillian said:

    yah! so excited for the return of mad men! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. 3.21.14
    Kayla said:

    No way I would style an instagram shot for 15 minutes.. that is just TOO much! Haha!


  6. 3.21.14

    I must be terrible too because I started laughing right when I opened the fight link. Lol

    This week was cray! I’m so happy it’s over…and I’m off from work today! Have a great weekend! Xo

  7. 3.21.14

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on oil pulling! I’ve been so curious about it lately…

  8. 3.21.14


  9. 3.21.14

    wow. I am trying this oil pulling thing asap!

  10. 3.21.14

    Definitely guilty of some Instagram cliches… oh well. Interested to read more on oil pulling though!