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  1. 3.17.14
    jillian said:

    cute boho drops! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  2. 3.17.14

    LOVE those heels!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. 3.17.14
    Jen said:

    love those sandals!

    xx, jen

  4. 3.17.14

    Love me some green! Especially on those sandals.

  5. 3.17.14

    What a great collection of items!
    Cire Trudon Candles are some of my favorites, I would full heartedly suggest them! Last fall when I was traveling in Paris we went to their original store, which was so great! They not only have fabulous scents but I also love the emerald green hue of the glass.

  6. 3.17.14
    alexa said:

    Pretty greens. That retro fridge is so so cool. Would love that to brighten up my kitchen!

  7. 3.17.14
    Kayla said:

    Cute stuff Victoria! Love the earrings! : )


  8. 3.17.14

    Those sandals are so great! Happy St. Patrick’s Day :)

  9. 3.17.14

    Love following your blog! Great posts! Have a wonderful week! Love, Jamie Herzlinger

  10. 3.17.14
    Joanna said:

    I second Nan – Cire Trudon candles are amazing, and such incredible little luxuries for the home. I love the Spiritus Sancti and Ernesto scents. So good!

  11. 3.17.14

    Ernesto is my favorite Cire Trudon candle… but I had a whiff of the Balmoral candle this weekend – uh-mazing!

  12. 3.17.14

    Want to hear something funny? I totally thought that refrigerator was a cellphone case and was APPALLED by the fact that it cost $2000! Haha. Great picks!

    • 3.17.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Hahaha! That IS funny!

  13. 3.17.14
    Rose said:

    I daydream about someday having a place where I can have my own, pretty Smeg!! Totally normal, right??

  14. 3.17.14
    Nina said:

    very into mint right now

  15. 3.18.14

    Love your collage!

  16. 3.18.14

    Okay, I’m obsessed with burning candles in my home; gotta try the ‘It’ candle! Great round up.