Paris, Je T’aime


In my current French class, our instructor has been showing us little bits of the film Paris, Je T’aime, which is actually made up of 18 short films all directed and acted by different (and very talented) people. We watch one, then discuss some of the idiomatic language and what’s grammatically correct and not. We watched these two in class, and I loved both so much I just had to tell you about them. I’ve spent some time on You Tube watching others, and while there are good ones (this one is sweet and this one is so funny), the one below in particular is my favorite. I’ve watched it so many times, and am just so humored and charmed by it. If you’ve ever traveled abroad — and especially to Paris — you will understand exactly the feeling she is referring to at the end.

Ooh, two quick notes — some of these just because of language (spoken and written in subtitles) may not be safe for work, so listen with headphones. Also, if you want to watch the whole thing, check Netflix streaming…it might be available on there. Enjoy!

Image by Victoria McGinley for vmac+cheese

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  1. 2.26.14
    Yang said:

    I’m a shameless francophile and absolutely love “Paris, Je T’aime.” The same goes for the clip you’ve shared.

    Thanks for the reminder of what a great movie it is.

  2. 2.26.14

    Can’t wait to go home and watch these! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. 2.26.14
    Rhodess said:

    My favorite short in that movie. I love places that mean different things in your life as you change and visit over and over again. Paris is def one of those places.

  4. 2.26.14
    Angela said:

    Hi Victoria, If you enjoy “Paris, Je T’aime,” then you should definitely check out “New York, I Love You” if you haven’t already!

    I also live on the UES and can always relate to your posts – I look forward to reading your blog daily. :)

  5. 2.27.14
    Deirdre said:

    Seriously one of my favorite movies. I love Paris and all things related to the French culture so I wasn’t surprised I fell in love. One of my goals this year is to learn French…seems like we have similar goals haha. hope it’s going well!

  6. 3.3.14
    Bekah said:

    Oh, I love this film! (and New York, I Love You as well) The vignette above is one of my favorites, too; I can see myself as an “older” lady able to travel and finally do what I’ve long wanted to, and having the time of my life while trying to learn the language. Love it.