inside roses - photo by Creature Comforts

MAKE: this warming, healthful sunchoke soup with caramelized shallot. Never worked with sunchokes (sometimes called Jerusalem artichokes) before? Here’s what they look like.

BOOKMARK: an in-depth piece about the woman in charge of revamping the whole Gap look — and what it means to revitalize “iconic”.

TRY: your hand at this beautiful, wintry floral arrangement.

EXPLORE: Clementine Daily. Great roster of ladies running it, and beautiful, interesting content to boot!

FILE: This baby blue as a must try color come spring. From pants to shoes to these booties, it’s a yes.

CONSIDER: that “Do What You Love” might not be as inspiring as you think. We discussed it more over on The Well.

FOLLOW: Karen Cheng’s Give It 100 project. I learned about it from browsing around Quora design posts, which I started checking out because of this post on Rashi’s blog. In fact, follow all.

DOWNLOAD: this book on the power of habit. I promise, it’s a fascinating read, and will make you completely re-examine your everyday routine. I’ll likely chat about it more at some point, but wanted to share in case you needed something to read this weekend!

Speaking of which, have a good one (and if you’re in the midwest or on the east coast — stay warm).

Image by Ez Pudewa, Creature Comforts

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  1. 1.24.14
    Temmy said:

    You just made my weekend with this list, and you especially made my day with ‘The Power of Habit’. Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. 1.24.14

    That recipe looks amazing! Now I just need to figure out where to buy sunchokes. I love Clementine Daily — such an inspiring group of women, with such genuine and varied content! Thanks for a great weekend post – they always make my Fridays better.

    • 1.24.14
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Hi Amy! Check specialty food stores, or even places like Whole Foods — when I lived in SF, you could find them there for sure! Also, farmers markets will definitely have them. They’re in season in North America from the late fall through spring, usually.

  3. 1.24.14

    I just stumbled upon the Clementine Daily recently and absolutely love their site. Especially the daily quotes.

  4. 1.24.14

    This is THE BEST link roundup. I have read a few of these already and bookmarked a few more.

    Have a good weekend Victoria!


  5. 1.24.14
    Nina said:

    definitely checking out that book

  6. 1.24.14
    Bethany said:

    Ooooh lots of good stuff here. Haven’t heard of Clementine Daily (awesome!), and I totally bookmarked that Gap article. Thanks and happy weekend!

  7. 1.24.14
    JYT said:

    Love that write up on Gap. I am excited to see what she brings to the table. I wasn’t too enthused about the Spring line but it is early yet

  8. 1.24.14
    Isabelle said:

    I really liked reading the article on doing what you love – it adds a whole new dimension to my outlook as I am approaching the end of undergrad and trying to decide what to do with my future.

  9. 1.25.14

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I’m obsessed. I’m your newest follower :)


  10. 1.26.14
    alexa said:

    Beautiful flower arrangement there. Love the deep pink tones.

  11. 1.28.14

    Ah, thank you for the kind mention! We LOOOOVE your blog and are so honored to have your support! :) All our Clementine love,