5 Things I Obsessed Over While on Break


club monaco sweater juicer unroll me vmac+cheese Pinterest Scandal

What happens if you take a week and a half off from work, don’t go travel anywhere, celebrate Christmas, and still have the Internet at your disposal? You end up obsessed with all the things I’ve listed here. Over the last week and a half or so, I’ve had so much fun doing absolutely nothing at home. I had time to do some online shopping, play with Christmas gifts, and watch waaaay too much TV. It was glorious! And some of the things I wasted spent time on were so glorious, I wanted to share them here. Check it:

(1) I’m glad I didn’t go too nuts during Black Friday, because I feel like the post-holiday sales right now are even better. I picked up one of these two-tone sweaters at Club Monaco and my first ever fur vest, plus these loafers at Barney’s for 65% off (they come in other colors too!). J. Crew is still offering an extra 40% off sale items, and J. Crew Factory is offering an extra 40% off clearance, too. Get while the getting’s good!

(2) Joe surprised me with a juicer for Christmas, and we’ve been juicing maniacs. I’ve been experimenting with lots of different fruit and veg combos; the good news is, we haven’t had to throw out any produce since opening this thing — they really are the best “dispose-alls”! I’m going to share a juice recipe soon, so stay tuned. As for how I like our particular juicer, I really, really love it. It does a great job, the juice stays cold, and clean up is simple (especially if you get these bags to go with the machine). I also like that the entire thing breaks down into smaller pieces, which helps if you’re strapped for storage like we are.

(3) Alex mentioned Unroll.Me on Facebook the other day, and I seriously don’t know how I lived without this service before now. Basically, you sync it to your email, and it allows you to auto-remove yourself from email subscriptions, and bundle up all the ones you actually still want to receive. Instead of receiving 34,789 subscription emails a day, you get one “Roll Up” per day, at a time you choose, which condenses all your subscriptions into easy-to-view tiles. Click on the ones you want to read, or ignore/delete the entire Roll Up. It makes your Inbox so much cleaner!

(4) I spent waaaay too much time on Pinterest, re-organizing some boards and creating new ones. In addition to an entire board devoted to Champagne, I now also have ones featuring things that are gold and sparkly, monograms, weekend mornings and ballet. Like I said, this is what happens if you’re chillin’ in front of the TV with a good WiFi connection. Check ’em all out here! (Sidenote: via a few pins, I discovered this amazing lettering Tumblr. Aaand this is why I love Pinterest)

(5) Wow, you guys weren’t kidding about Scandal. We fixed a glitch with our Netflix and Amazon streaming (we hadn’t had streaming TV of any kind since we moved here!) and proceeded to binge watch a lot of Scandal. And by a lot, I mean all 3 seasons. Yes, we are completely caught up. If you’re not already on it, I suggest you hop on the bandwagon. This is some addictive TV! Sometimes hokey and completely implausible, yes…but good nonetheless!

Did you become obsessed with anything over the holiday break?



Image Credits: Green Juice, Jamie Chung for Bon Appetit; Kerry Washington, Horst Diekgerdes for Elle 

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  1. 1.3.14
    emma said:

    Ooh I have been meaning to watch Scandal for a while now, I LOVE greys anatomy which is written but the same person. Thanks for the tip about Unroll Me, i’m going to check that out now!

  2. 1.3.14
    Rachelle said:

    yea Scandal is the bomb, over the break I found a few Joie items on sale and I am now addicted to this brand which is so bad because their stuff are pricey sigh…

  3. 1.3.14

    Welcome to the Gladiator Club! Your life will never be the same at 10pm on Thursdays again. :)

    And Unroll.me? = email perfection

  4. 1.3.14
    jillian said:

    yes! all fun things. i reorganized my pinterest board recently too…it’s so addicting. xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  5. 1.3.14
    Dana said:

    I binged watched Scandal during the last snow storm a few weeks ago and now I’m completely obsessed! I just got into Revenge as well, and its awesome as well!

  6. 1.3.14

    ah so jealous about your new juicer! i seriously want one…but for now i will just have to be content with my green smoothies :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  7. 1.3.14
    Allie said:

    My inbox thanks you for letting us all in on the gem that is RollUp!!! I had no idea I was subscribed to so many listserves. And I hear ya on the Netflix binge…I recently got addicted to The Walking Dead and am worried my weekend will be very unproductive as a result :)

  8. 1.3.14
    Kayla said:

    YES I am SO obsessed with Scandal!! How fantastic is Kerry Washington?! LOVE her style!


  9. 1.3.14
    Sarah said:

    The sales really have been too good to resist havent they?!

    Thanks for the tip about unroll me- i really need this! I went on an ‘unsubscribing’ spree a few weeks ago but I’m still inundated with so many unwanted emails!

    Hope you’re staying warm and dry in the snow!


  10. 1.3.14
    Abby said:

    Oh I’ve been watching Scandal since day one and I still obsess about it. So… are you a fan of Jake or Fitz? Haha, happy Friday to ya!

  11. 1.3.14
    Janel said:

    I’ve used unroll.me for the past year, and while it does make your inbox more manageable, here’s a fair warning: sometimes inportant (non-subscription) emails are automatically sent to that folder, so be sure to check it periodically aside from the daily roll-up!

  12. 1.3.14
    Rose said:

    OK, I have unroll.me, but I have to say I don’t love it…it just seemed like another thing to organize, and update every time I do add a new email subscription!

  13. 1.3.14
    Nina said:

    I need to unroll me LOL

  14. 1.3.14

    Oh, we’re on the same page about Scandal. I downloaded two episodes to watch on the plane ride back to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, then proceeded to watch all three seasons in the next couple of weeks. Totally addictive. And, good lord, her clothes. Want.

  15. 1.3.14

    Scandal – YES! Totally hear you, it’s funny how cleaning up your Pinterest or inbox can make you feel so much more organized. Happy New Year!

  16. 1.3.14

    Pretty great things to be obsessed over!! Scandal is my fav. Olivia Pope is pure female badass. Thank you for sharing unroll me. I can’t wait to try it! That is my biggest annoyance!
    Lauren M
    Make it a Double

  17. 1.3.14
    Emily said:

    Ooooh Scandal – I’m obsessed with it all. It’s the only show I MUST watch when it’s on, everything else is recorded. I mean, her clothes? Seriously? And her apartment? Swoon.
    So, I agree with Abby- team Fitz? or Jake? :)

    Also, good to know I’m not the only one organizing her Pinterest boards.

  18. 1.3.14
    Kodi said:

    I feel the same way about Scandal! A little cheesy at times but mostly just awesome. And my husband is just as addicted!

  19. 1.3.14

    Yes! Scandal is amazing!!!


  20. 1.3.14

    UnRoll.Me saved me about 100 hours of time. GENIUS!! Thanks for sharing! And isn’t Scandal the best show?? Life stops for me on Thursday nights and it probably will for you now, too!

  21. 1.3.14
    Tori said:

    Unroll me sounds like an absolute lifesaver!

  22. 1.4.14

    I owe you a HUGE thank you for introducing me to Unroll.me – what a difference a clean inbox makes. – From another completely obsessed Scandal fan (The Good Wife being my other obsession – just gets better with each season!)

  23. 1.5.14
    eunice said:

    I’ve been using unroll.me for a few months and it’s changed my email life. I think I even went through a period of junk-mail withdrawl when I would check my inbox to see that I didn’t get 17 new shopping-related emails in the past hour!

  24. 1.6.14
    Bethany said:

    Gahhhh I love this post so much!! That sweater!! Also, totally need to try unroll.me! And yes, Scandal is amazing!!!

  25. 1.6.14
    Crystalin said:

    I jumped on the Scandal bandwagon over break as well. Still on season 2, but yes, totally addictive! Mike on the other hand, doesn’t really get Olivia Pope’s wardrobe lol.

  26. 1.6.14
    Kate said:

    Unjust tried unroll me this week, so excited for a cleaner inbox!