This week I…

+ was reminded what cold weather really feels like. NY had nothing on places like Chicago (stay warm, you guys), but temps in the low 20s that feel like the teens with the wind? Yeah, it had been a minute since I was out and about in temps like that. Oddly enough, I kind of love it! The snowy walk in the park on Tuesday was certainly a novelty…we’ll see how long until it wears off. :)

+ had a great lunch date with the lovely Whitney of See Shop Eat Do. It was fun to chat with a current Californian (and drink at lunch…natch).

+ highly recommend this cocktail recipe if you’re hosting a holiday fête this weekend.

+ as always, am impressed by Erika’s ingenuity! This is a great idea if you need a last minute pic for your Christmas cards.

+ can identify with every one of Nicole’s causes of dry winter skin (but love her solutions to them too!). It’s been a constant battle for me this year!

+ love this fun and festive outfit for the holidays. So perfect for a party!

+ was craving lots of soup, given the weather. This recipe looks delectable, no? (PS, I made a slow cooker soup that I’ll share next week!)

+ bookmarked Hitha’s “three pairs of shoes” travel rule. It’s a good one…because inevitably, I always overpack.

+ J’ai eu ma dernière classe de français cette semaine. La prochaine classe (et niveau) est en janvier!

This weekend is going to be packed, but really fun! Tonight, Joe and I are starting an annual holiday tradition (at least while we’re in New York) that Kerry told me about a while ago. Her family has done this for years, and I loved the idea so much, I’m stealing it. Basically, we’re going to hit all the big department stores to look at their holiday window displays, walking uptown as we go. Then, we’ll cap off the evening with a big steak dinner here. We’ll be cold, but I think it’ll be magical to see all the holiday lights and windows (and end with a glass of Champagne, of course!).

Tomorrow, we’re having a goodbye dinner for a work friend of Joe’s who is moving back to SF (slightly jeals), and on Sunday, we’re going to the premiere of Anchorman 2. I promise I’m not cool enough to have gotten an invite via work or anything like that…I’m just lucky that one of my best friends works for Paramount! Should be really fun — I promise to IG any Ron Burgundy sightings.

The Christmas holiday is so close…I can’t believe it! What are you up to this weekend? Any fun holiday parties or plans?

{Image Credit: Spoon Fork Bacon}


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  1. 12.13.13

    Thank you for linking to my shoes post! I love your new tradition idea – and LOVE the Arlington Club! Sri and I may have to steal that idea for ourselves, maybe on Sunday?

    • 12.13.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      We are going there based on y’alls recommendation! Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s so close to us :)

    • 12.13.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      You totally should!!!

  2. 12.13.13
    jillian said:

    have a great weekend!! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

  3. 12.13.13

    I love the idea of that holiday tradition! My fam used to take an annual trip to NYC in December and do something similar except ending with a nice dinner sounds perfect! Totally agree with Hitha’s 3 pairs of shoes limit as well – you never realy NEED more than that :)

  4. 12.13.13

    Make sure you grab a hot cup of cider when you do that walk! Bergdorfs always wins :)

  5. 12.13.13

    agreed- that fun and festive outfit by dash of darling is a good one!

    you’ve gifted me w/ some great new blogs to peruse. thank you!

    x, lily on fillmore

    • 12.13.13
      Victoria McGinley said:


  6. 12.13.13

    Thanks for including me in this list, girl! PS – every time I see Weleda, I think of you! You mentioned it in a post ages ago and I never forgot it. :)

  7. 12.13.13
    whitney said:

    I love the idea of seeing all the holiday windows and ending with dinner, and that lunch really was fun! Have a good weekend :)

  8. 12.13.13
    Nina said:

    In SF now, going back to Chicago for the holidays. A friend just looked at me the other day and said, “I would die.” And she meant it literally.

    That Christmas tradition sounds great. But I’m for all any tradition that ends with a glass of champagne.

    • 12.13.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Haha, I wasn’t sure HOW I’d feel about the cold…but it’s really not as bad as I thought it’d be!

  9. 12.13.13
    YVONNE said:

    ooh! can’t wait to hear your french next time we meet! <3 xox!

  10. 12.13.13
    Bethany said:

    I really love the idea of that tradition! I’m all about ideas you can do as a family that help you feel the season!