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i'm loving

(1) I couldn’t be more obsessed with Oscar de la Renta’s paper collection for Paperless Post. The collection came out a while ago, and has since been followed with other designer collections from Kelly Wearstler, Jonathan Adler, and even Derek Blasberg (his are hilarious, by the way). But it’s the ODLR designs that have stolen my heart. I’m so in love with this beautiful blue watercolor design — classy, yet unique. As if I don’t already have enough stationery.

(2) I am so proud of my friend Grace for launching a shoe line with Matt Bernson. Yes, a shoe line! In case you’ve never owned a pair, Matt Bernson flats are notoriously comfortable (I loved my cap toe flats until I accidentally got caught in a rainstorm one day while wearing them…). The S&S x Matt Bernson collection is available now at Anthro (here and here), and will also be coming to Shopbop later in the spring! Kudos, G.

(3) Have you checked out Darling magazine yet? It’s truly a delight in every sense. The art direction, the design, the essays, the photography, the content — all so engrossing. It’s truly a magazine you have to sit down and purposefully, slowly consume. My recommendation? Grab a copy, curl up on your couch with a throw and a cup of tea, and enjoy (you can order a copy online, or pick one up from Anthro or these retailers).

(4) I’ve followed Intelligent Nutrients for a while now (it was launched by the founder of Aveda, after he peaced out of there when it sold to Estee Lauder). Earlier this summer, I got a chance to try the Harmonic shampoo and conditioner at a hotel in Chicago (so random!), and was completely hooked. I love that the products are all multi-use — so you can use the shampoo as a body wash, the conditioner as a styling cream, etc. For winter, I’m ordering some of the PureLuxe line for dry hair. I’ll be the first to admit that beauty is one area of my life where I’ll plunk down some pennies, but at least with hair, I justify it in that I’m lucky enough to not have to wash it everyday!

(5) Okay, so one thing I’ve noticed in NYC: so. many. ankle. boots. I had a pair or two in SF, but never owned a pair of flat, high ankle boots. When the first cold front hit, I understood why they were so popular — they’re great for all day wear (versus high boots, which sometimes start to annoy me after a few hours), but still allow you to tuck your pants in and keep your feet warm. I splurged on these Rachel Roy beauties (booties?), and honestly, they are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned. Lucky for you, they’re now on sale at several places (like here, here and here).

Anything that you’re loving lately?


Oscar de la Renta Stationery  for Paperless Post | Flats by Matt Bernson and Stripes & Sequins | Darling Magazine (available here too) | Intelligent Nutrients PureLuxe Shampoo and Conditioner (I love the Harmonic line too) | Rachel Roy ‘Cruz’ Booties (on sale here and even bigger sale here)



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  1. 12.9.13

    thank you SO much Victoria! XOXO

  2. 12.9.13
    christin said:

    darling magazine is my FAVORITE.

  3. 12.9.13
    Kayla said:

    Those sequin shoes! Yes!


  4. 12.9.13
    Alexa said:

    Love those sweet ankle boots!

  5. 12.9.13
    Alli said:

    Wow! That stationary is gorgeous!

  6. 12.9.13

    All amazing. Especially loving the Oscar de la Renta collection!

    xo, Laura
    bright and beautiful

  7. 12.9.13
    jillian said:

    LOVE the stationery! xo

  8. 12.9.13
    Sonya said:

    Thanks, I love some of these designs – the boots look comfy and the magazine inspiring…

  9. 12.9.13
    Bethany said:

    Love those sparkly flats!

  10. 12.11.13
    Abby said:

    I’ve had those rachel roy booties in my cart on shopbop for some time now, I just need to pull the trigger!

    Incase you want a less expensive, but just as cute pair… The Report Juliee is now under $60, Olivia Palermo has been spotted wearing them all over NYC and I just got them as well!