Crushing On: Ariane Bartosh

ariane bartosh-home tour - LR3

ariane bartosh - home tour - LR

Above Photos: Ariane Bartosh Home Tour, as featured on Houzz

I was browsing around on Houzz the other day when some curtains caught my eye. Yes, curtains. “Those look super Kelly Wearstler inspired,” I thought to myself. Me, personally? I tend to like living with more neutral palettes, but I’ve always admired La Wearstler’s super bold, modern, playful approach to design, and was curious to see the home of what appeared to be someone who was also inspired by her. Much to my surprise (and delight), I was introduced to Ariane Bartosh, an interior designer and artist living in LA who actually worked for Kelly Wearstler (as well as Estee Stanley), and from all appearances, played a role in some of the company’s most well-known and worshiped projects.

Ariane’s own home is a 1200 square foot 1 bedroom apartment in Silver Lake, which was a boring blank canvas before she got her hands on it:

ariane bartosh-home tour - LR2

arianne bartosh - home tour - kitchen

ariane bartosh - home tour - dining room

Above Photos: Ariane Bartosh Home Tour, as featured on Houzz


She found many of the apartment’s vintage pieces on eBay, and since she studied painting in college, was able to add a lot of the hand painted details (like the kitchen color, a giant portrait above her bed, and the magenta design to her living room curtains) on her own.

Curious, I popped over to Ariane’s web site, and loved perusing some of the projects she worked on with Kelly Wearstler and Estee Stanley. You can definitely see her touches! 

modern chic living room ariane bartosh for kelly wearstler

Photo: via Ariane Bartosh

pink living room

Photo: via Ariane Bartosh

black white gold entryway

Photo: via Ariane Bartosh, as published in Elle Decor and photographed by Mikkel Vang

glam bedroom ariane bartosh for kelly wearstler

Photo: via Ariane Bartosh, as published in Architectural Digest and photographed by Roger Davies

gatsby library

Photo: via Ariane Bartosh, as published in Elle Decor and photographed by Mikkel Vang

ariane bartosh with estee stanley

arianebartosh with estee stanley5

Above Photos: via Ariane Bartosh as published in Lonny, August 2012


What a talent, right? You can learn more about Ariane here (she’s launched her own interior design studio!), and follow her on Instagram here.





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  1. 12.5.13
    meg said:

    Wow! I wish I could make patterns look this good together!

  2. 12.5.13

    Gorgeous interiors!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  3. 12.5.13

    These are gorgeous! I love the use of so much pink. I bought a pink velvet couch for our new house and I’d love to use some of these styling tips! :)

  4. 12.5.13

    Wow. These shots are all insane. So good.

  5. 12.5.13

    Her place is amazing. Love the handpainted details.

  6. 12.5.13
    Bethany said:

    That might be the most amazing house I’ve ever seen. Totally crushing now, too!