M is for Multitasker

six ways to use beauty and facial oils

I’ve been wanting to write more about natural beauty and my favorite tips and products, especially after your feedback from past posts like this. And I’d been brainstorming different ways to present a variety of information — product reviews, natural beauty education, brand interviews — and have finally landed on it: A fun column I’m calling Beauty A to Z! I’m hoping I can write about this topic (one of my faves!) a lot more frequently by breaking down little beauty tidbits and categorizing them into single letters from the alphabet (P is for Paraben, anyone?).

For our first Beauty A to Z, I want to talk about one of my favorite beauty products: oils. Why? Because every girl should have a multitasking wonder like this in her arsenal. Seriously, I am always finding new ways to integrate beauty oils into my routine, and it amazes me just how versatile they are. To wit: 


A high end oil, like Dr. Alkaitis or Kahina is great as a moisturizing facial treatment, but sometimes, I’ll splurge and mix a few drops in with a cream moisturizer (at night, I love mixing MUN’s Nighttime Youth Serum in with Weleda’s Skin Food. Your skin will GLOW the next morning!). The same goes for a less expensive body oil, like jojoba or almond oil. These are great as light moisturizers on their own, but you can also blend them with your regular lotion — face or body — for double the moisturizing power. This is especially effective after a shower or bath, when the oils will just sink right in to your skin.


Yes, really. If you have unruly, wavy hair like mine that is perpetually frizzy and dry, pump a drop or two of oil — regardless of whether it’s for face, body, whatever — into your palms and rub together, just like it’s regular hair product. I then gently run it through my hair and focus on the ends to reduce frizz. I’ve also noticed that this increases shine!


If you want to go beyond frizz taming, you can create your own hair mask. I’ll sometimes comb lots of oil through my hair and scalp and let it soak for a few hours before showering. You can also create a DIY mask and mix in things like avocado to boost moisturizing power. I figured out the oil hair mask thing after looking at ingredients of other masks and realizing that they were primarily oil based, but with tons of added fragrances and preservatives — so why not just make your own, and make sure it’s truly natural?


So many face oils have the most amazing scent. Dr. Alkaitis and MUN are two that come to mind — they smell so divine and exotic. I’ll sometimes dab a drop or two on pulse points, just to get the aromatic benefits of them, at least for a few hours. Want to create your own scent? Try using a low fragrance oil (like almond), and add in a few drops of essential oils, like lavender, grapefruit, or rose geranium. Insta-natural perfume!


I’ve been known to add oil to my baths a time or two. If you’re using a scented oil, the hot water and steam make the bath very spa like, and of course, it helps to moisturize your skin. I’ll often shave my legs in the bath if I’ve added oil, because the oil creates a natural ‘shaving cream’ on my skin. And shaving with oil, in my experience, leads to a lot less irritation!


This is one of my favorite (and daily) uses. I’ll always use a pump or two of oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup. Oil will remove all traces of shadow, mascara, eyeliner, you name it. And I’d much rather put an organic oil up near my eye (which also moisturizes the skin around it!) versus some makeup remover formula that has a hundred ingredients in it. Blech.


Not sure which oil to try first? You’ll find that each oil type and brand soaks into your skin differently, as each has a slightly different size of lipid structure (which accounts for why argan oil might feel one way on your skin whereas jojoba might feel differently). In my opinion, most important is that you use something that is pure oil, with no additives like dyes, preservatives, synthetic perfumes (usually listed as ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’), or petroleum based oils (avoid anything that has ingredients like ‘mineral oil’, ‘phenoxyethanol’, and anything with ‘polyethylene glycol’ or ‘PEG’ and a number following it, like ‘PEG-20’). And of course, if you can swing it, depending on the type of oil you’re buying, purchasing a certified organic oil is always a good idea too. (Psst! For a little more info on the ingredient side, check out this post and this article)

Do you use facial or beauty oil? What’s your favorite way to incorporate it into your routine?



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  1. 10.15.13

    You sold me. I think it was the word “glow” where you really drove the deal home for me. Never tried an oil before, but I think it’s time!

    • 10.15.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Honestly, most days I go without any powder or foundation, and I regularly have people tell me my skin glows and ask what my secret is. It’s just using lots of oil based moisturizers at night!

  2. 10.15.13

    Great picks!

    The Style Storm
    xo, Christina

  3. 10.15.13

    I really hope this becomes more mainstream. While oils sound totally counter intuitive for skin, I’ve been using one for a few weeks and love it. I feel like it’s a much more effective moisturizer minus the grease.

  4. 10.15.13
    meg said:

    I will take is as a frizz tamer, thanks. ;)


  5. 10.15.13

    Yes! Since I’m acne prone, I always thought I had to go oil-free. Then an esthetician recommended using an oil cleanser to combat my skin problems and it changed everything. A friend of mine who grew up in India said the girls there put a few drops of olive oil in their hair at night, braid it, and wake up with gloriously shiny hair. I’ll need to try hair oil this winter!

    • 10.15.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Yes, ironically, acne prone can sometimes also mean your skin is so stripped (from using harsh acne treatments). Oil based cleansers and moisturizers can actually help re-establish the natural lipid barrier, and reduce inflammation and acne!

  6. 10.15.13
    Alyssa said:

    Beauty oil always intimidated me (I tend to have oily skin) until I picked up the Boscia one–I’m obsessed with it. It’s so moisturizing while still being gentle on my sensitive skin.

  7. 10.15.13

    To be honest, I never really thought of using it to help tame frizz. For about the past week, I’ve been having the worst issues with my hair. By about noon, it looks like I’ve stuck my finger in an electrical socket. I’ll have to give this a try, for sure!

  8. 10.15.13
    Catherine said:

    Thanks for sharing! I have some Argan oil and was never really sure what to do with it!

  9. 10.15.13

    YES! Oils are my jam! I just finished a bottle of joise Marans argan oil and on to olio di argan. I use it everywhere! :) my most recent blog post actually talking about how great the stuff is to use when flying!! Xx
    Lauren M

  10. 10.15.13

    I’m currently on heavy meds that make my lips SO dry and peely, and actually, jojoba oils is the ONLY thing that gives me some relief. I read that it’s actually the oil that’s most like the oil our skin produces, so if you’ve got a dry complexion (or lips like me), it’s the most effective at giving you some natural-type moisture back!

    Honestly it’s been a life saver for me, but I had no idea I could use it for other things, like face and hair, as well.

    Have you used coconut oil before? I think that has to be my next one to try. Some people use it as a facial cleanser apparently, and the natural-ness of that really makes me love it!

  11. 10.15.13
    Kodi said:

    Okay, okay, I guess it’s time for me to try one! With all the reasons you provided how could I not?
    grey et al

  12. 10.15.13
    Maddy said:

    Using oil as perfume? I’d never considered that, will definitely have to try it! :)

    For a cheaper alternative, I use coconut oil for hair treatments & face moisturizing once in a while. That probably won’t work for a perfume but you’d still get the other benefits.

  13. 10.16.13

    I’m completely obsessed with oils at the moment. I’ve been using Trilogi’s Rosehip oil on my face for months, I can really tell a difference when I don’t use it because my skin just doesn’t have the same suppleness and glow. (Totally recommend Trilogi!)
    I use a cleansing oils too, and haven’t seen a pimple in months.
    Love oils!

  14. 10.16.13
    Tara said:

    Yes! I love oils too! Each bottle has its own personality and I love exploring all the different scents and textures.

    My current favorite is YULI’s ME Skin Fuel which gives me that “my skin but better” look, and it has completely stopped breakouts. I love how it sinks into my skin like butter and I find myself cupping it around my nose to inhale the fresh earthy scent. I like to mix it with my foundation which can highlight dry patches.

    Ah the wonders of oils! I can’t even enough!

    • 10.16.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Oh girl…you shouldn’t have told me about YULI. Now I’ll have to run right out and buy it! :)

    • 10.17.13

      Ahh I’ve been dying to try the YULI Cell Perfecto PM and now you’re making me want the Skin Fuel too. I’ve heard such incredible things about YULI.
      – Heath

  15. 10.17.13

    I love using oils on my skin in the winter months, my skin just soaks it up.

    The Honeyroom

  16. 10.19.13
    jillian said:

    o i love a good multi-tasker! great round-up. xo jillian – cornflake dreams