chanel spring 2014

This week I…

+ had my first French class! It was a little daunting at first, since most of the class was conducted in French. But it’s funny how your brain turns on when it’s forced to adapt and keep up. I think it’s going to be really fun! And I have homework this weekend, which I kind of love.

+ launched two new books over at The B Bar — one on making money from your blog, and another on the legal ins and outs we should all be aware of. Go check ’em out!

+ had a great time at dinner last night with Grace, Viviana, Katie, and Jillian, who I was excited to see in town from SF! We threw a few back at the Flat Iron Lounge, and had such a fun dinner at Almond (definitely a fave). Such good times!

+ have been feeling inspired to create some of my own art for the apartment, and loved this idea Erika shared.

+ am so ready for sweater weather (especially after we’ve had a few weird humid and warm days here!). Making matters worse: J.Crew is offering 25% off select new sweaters. I love this one and this classic cardi too.

+ am taking a yoga class today. I found a little studio in my neighborhood, and I really need to get back on the exercise (in any form) bandwagon. I find that yoga is always SO relaxing…and I could use that these days!

+ want and need these nutella cookies filled with salted caramel. Oh em gee.

+ shared a few things I’m loving (and not) over on Michaela’s blog.

+ saw a woman on the subway wearing a grey poncho similar to this with black skinnies and sky high booties and it basically inspired how I want to dress this fall. It was just so chic! One thing I do love about New York is you really are constantly inspired by street style.

In other random news, I can’t believe it, but yesterday marked 11 months since our wedding day — our 1 year anniversary is in one month. Time is seriously flying!

What is everyone up to this weekend? I’m getting a much needed haircut tomorrow (my mane is pretty unruly), and taking care of some house projects (like hanging some drapes that just arrived!). It should be another low key weekend — we’re going to keep it quiet since I will have family in town for much of next week and over the following weekend as well. Plus, I may or may not have had one too many glasses of wine last night…I could probably use a green juice or two!

Hope everyone has a fabulous first October weekend!

{Image Credit: Gianni Pucci at Chanel Spring 2014, via Style.com}

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  1. 10.4.13
    Jillian said:

    Sooo great catching up last night. Really miss you in CA. And PS your hair looks amazing, unruly my ass ;)


  2. 10.4.13
    Rachelle said:

    My weekend will be filled with jewelry making and birthday present shopping for my bff. Maybe I should start commenting in French on your blog. French is a beautiful language. Passe un bon weekend.

    • 10.4.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Yes, please comment only in French! I would kind of love that. :)

  3. 10.4.13
    Ame said:

    Gah those cookies. MUST. HAVE.

  4. 10.4.13
    Dana said:

    Where are you taking your French class? Language classes have been on my list for so long!
    Have a great weekend & go have a green juice! :)

  5. 10.4.13
    Ellie said:

    I’m ready for another low key weekend too! I came down with a yucky cold and I hear my body telling me loud and clear to slow down. Have a great weekend!

  6. 10.4.13
    Josie said:

    I just started taking Italian classes! I’m loving it. Have you heard of Duolingo? I’m doing that along with my classes and love the combination!

  7. 10.4.13
    whitney said:

    sounds like a great weekend! i have the french and the spanish rosetta stones, but i find it hard to discipline myself and actually sit down and learn. i want to hear more about how the classes go, maybe i’ll find one here in la!

  8. 10.4.13
    Michaela said:

    Oh! I can’t wait to see what you create for the apartment. Thanks for guest posting for me this week. Fun to have you!! xo

  9. 10.4.13
    Rose said:

    Wait, where are you taking French classes?? I’ve been wanting to start back up myself (I took 10 years and ended up with a minor in college!) but it’s been FOREVER and I’m incredibly rusty.

  10. 10.4.13
    Kodi said:

    The next time I come to NYC I am definitely going to have to enquire about your favorite restaurants before coming! Already keeping Almond in the back of my mind.
    grey et al

  11. 10.4.13

    Becoming fluent in French again is on my bucket list! You’ve inspired me to take it up again!

    And thank you as always for the love, V!