Little Luxuries (all under $25)

little luxuries for $25 and under

Just a few little things I’ve spotted lately which resulted in an insta-craving…made even worse because of the great price tag!

1. As you can imagine, I’ve been shopping around for trays to corral bits and bobs in our apartment. This navy zebra tray from Lemon Stripes has totally been bookmarked!

2. Every time I see Meg, she’s wearing these Mane Message hair ties and they always make her ponytails look so cute. I love the color collection she pulled together for autumn!

3. These snakeskin print jeans are something I don’t think I’d ever grab for myself, but when I saw Jessie wearing them at our Access Hollywood shoot, I was sold. They actually look really subtle in person, and are perfect with a solid sweater! (PS, you can check out our feature with Old Navy here.)

4. How wonderfully gorgeous are these pillow shams? They’re the kind of thing I wouldn’t have on my bed all year, but would swap out every now and again for something lush and inspiring. The colors are just so vibrant!

5. It’s always fun to switch up a nail color for a new season. I rarely paint my fingernails (normally just the toes!), but autumn is one time of year where I will don a nail color every now and again. I’m loving the shade of raspberry on this one. Plus, the name doesn’t hurt either!

What little luxuries have you been enjoying lately?

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  1. 10.3.13

    Love every one of these, that pillow is adorable.

  2. 10.3.13
    Hannah said:

    Love the varnish! xo

  3. 10.3.13

    can’t get enough of those hair ties – not sure i’ll ever go back to the regular kind!

  4. 10.3.13
    Kate said:

    Love that nail color — and what a perfect name!

  5. 10.4.13
    Tori said:

    I bought some skinny jeans from Old Navy recently and was so impressed! Great stretch and fit – they are wearing out after wearing them all summer, but they are so cheap, I guess that’s to be expected. I need to pick up some of the new patterned ones.

  6. 10.4.13
    Rose said:

    Butter London makes such beautiful colors :) that pillow sham is darling, too!

  7. 10.5.13
    Staci said:

    Love these picks, the zebra tray and nail polish are my faves :)


  8. 10.9.13
    Kay said:

    I need that zebra tray, God, it looks great! Aaagh, I ‘m so in love with it! Recently I ordered pillow covers with white-blue tie-die effect and gold zippers for my condo apartment and that zebra would match them perfectly :)) Hugs, Kay