One Jacket, Three Ways

target jacket

When we first moved to New York, we (yes, Joe and I both) faced a huge wardrobe crisis. Living in SF where it stays pretty temperate year round, the climate was ripe for layering, and layering we did — basically daily. You don’t have to be a meteorologist to figure out that layers don’t really work during a New York summer, and correspondingly, I think I wore the same two maxi skirts and shorts for almost 2 months straight. No bueno.

I love cooler weather not only because I hate sweating in my clothes (like, hate with a passion), but also because of the wardrobe options it brings. Now that so much of my wardrobe is back in play, I’ve been pulling out my favorite jackets, blazers and scarves to mix and match with other basics. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s kind of amazing how a well-tailored jacket can dress up any look instantly. Ditto for a great pair of pants (I am seriously loving these — I saw them live at the Target fashion show, and I was blown away…you really can’t believe they’re Target!).

Today, in the spirit of celebrating how well-tailored looks lend themselves to autumn, I’ve dreamed up three different looks all based around one fantastic jacket from Target (and it’s a helluva steal, too). I love classic-yet-edgy pieces like this — they’re so versatile and can be paired with so many pieces, yet the tailored fit always manages to pull your look together. What tailored pieces do you find indispensable in your wardrobe? For me, it’s jackets and blazers, for SURE. Second place would be stretchy skinny pants (not jeans) — they always look so polished, yet no one realizes how comfy they actually are!


At the office: Dress | Necklace | Pumps | Belt | Jacket

Out on the town: Jacket | Pants | Top | Necklace | Boots

At weekend brunch: Hat | Jacket | Tee | Pants | Flats



The Full Disclosure: For writing this post, compensation was provided by Target via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target. 


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  1. 9.23.13
    Jenna said:

    Loving the weekend brunch look! Not to overdone but a little glam :) Doesn’t hurt either that this jacket is super affordable!

    Clothed in Confetti

  2. 9.23.13
    Kimberly said:

    Love this post! I have those same pants in the last look and will definitely have to try recreating! :)

  3. 9.23.13
    meg said:

    Love the jacket!
    Thanks for the styling tips. ;)

  4. 9.23.13
    Kayla said:

    So cute! I can’t believe that jacket is only $35!!


  5. 9.23.13
    Alexa said:

    Gorgeous post…I think the second look is my favorite. Such a lovely jacket!

  6. 9.23.13
    christin said:

    i desperately need that jacket and the hat.

  7. 9.23.13
    Jackie said:

    Can’t believe that jacket is from Target! Looks like Helmut Lang or something. You’re right, fall dressing is great because there are just so many more pieces to wear and options for layering. Summer clothes get old fast to me-and I’m with you on the hating sweating with a passion-which is pretty much what I do all summer in this city :( Not cool, glad to have a long break from that!

  8. 9.23.13

    Target does it again! At first look, I thought for sure that jacket was way over my budget, so I was so excited to see it wasn’t. I might just have to swing by target tonight and see it in person :)

  9. 9.23.13
    Bess said:

    Um, yeah. I love all three outfits. :)

  10. 9.24.13

    My closet just whelped. Love the jacket, love Target, what a great find.

  11. 9.24.13

    Love this outfit post! I have a jacket similar this one and am now inspired to wear it to work!

  12. 9.24.13

    I love a great jacket. They really can just take an outfit to another level. I’ve been loving Target style lately and now I really need that jacket!

  13. 9.24.13
    Kate said:

    I can’t believe it’s from Target! Have to hit up one in the ‘burbs this weekend when I’m at my parents place in NY!

  14. 9.26.13
    Kade said:

    Hi! Love your blog! What program do you use to create images like the HACing make tips and one jacket three ways??

    • 9.26.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Hi Kade! I do most everything in Photoshop.