roses by sophie Learmont

This week I…

+ am so impressed by my friend and colleague Meg Biram. In addition to everything else, she launched a shop this week! I happen to know first hand that homegirl is a machine. Check out her shop — lots of pretty things to put on your wishlist!

+ was excited (and a little nervous) to film a short segment for Access Hollywood and Old Navy. Yes, that Access Hollywood and Old Navy! You may have seen some snaps over on Instagram (and here and here too). The segment should run sometime next week, but I’ll link over whenever it’s been posted online!

+ shared some of my favorites for fall over on Sam’s blog. Be sure to stop by and see what everyone has put on their fall forecast.

+ couldn’t resist these booties (in black). I’m loving the wood tone mixed with black! They need some breaking in, for sure, but once they’ve softened up a bit, I think they’ll be a fall and winter staple.

+ Breaking Bad. Seriously. If you’re not watching, you need to start, if only so that you can watch the Ozymandias episode. Some seriously great television!

+ loved Erika’s idea for making a ‘Smile File.’ Such a simple way to create an instant pick-me-up.

+ thought this feature on popularity in pop culture was really fun to read — fascinating, even. I love stuff like this!

+ recommend reading Breanna’s post on comparison if you’ve been feeling at all down on where you are lately. It’s a good one!

Yesterday we jetted off to SF for a long weekend back in our old stomping grounds, as well as to attend the wedding of some good friends up in Sonoma. To say that Joe and I need the break is an understatement. I’m STOKED to be back in California, if only for a few days (I think that while we’ve been settling into NYC more, we’ve both been a little homesick for the west coast). We’re spending the day walking around town, meeting up with friends, and generally just taking a break. I can’t wait for the wedding tomorrow either — it’s at a gorgeous property up in Sonoma, and the weather should be unbelievable. Good times to be had, for sure! Not to worry, I’ll be back here on Monday, but have a wonderful weekend in the meantime!

{Image Credit: Sophie Learmont // The Littlest Things Photography}

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  1. 9.20.13

    Apparently Breaking Bad is going to be extended to two 75 minute episodes! I.Cant.Wait.

  2. 9.20.13
    Alecia said:

    such a good idea – the smile file. Everyone needs to do this! that breaking bad episode was legit and the best one yet. Have a great weekend Victoria! xxAlecia

  3. 9.20.13

    The beautiful rose photo has gotten me in the mood to do some flower arranging!

  4. 9.20.13

    Um, those boots are pretty fantastic. Go Steve!

  5. 9.20.13

    I loved Erika’s “smile file”- such a fun idea! Thanks for contributing to my fall forecasting. So fun! Enjoy being back in SF. :)

  6. 9.22.13
    Sophie said:

    :) thanks so much for sharing a photo of mine! made me so happy. hope you had the best weekend x

    • 9.22.13
      Victoria McGinley said:

      Thank YOU, Sophie!! :)

  7. 9.22.13

    Love the booties.