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This week I…

+ want to remind you to enter the Lo & Sons giveaway! You can enter up to five different ways — and if you win, you get your pick of bag from their site! Don’t forget you can also get 15% off all their products through the end of the month with the code VMACSUMMER2013.

+ had a great couple days in Chicago! I was there alongside a few other bloggers to speak on two panels about the industry and how bloggers are working with brands (my fellow panelists Lauren, Courtney, Angie, and Paul all had such interesting insights). It was fun stuff! Really fun: getting to hang out with Alex, who took me to one of her fave restaurants, Sunda. Chicago is officially on my list of cities that I want to explore a little more!

+ got a bunch of new furniture delivered at the house. A rug, some ottomans, and a coffee table…now we just need lighting and a couch and our living room will be close to done (just don’t tell Joe about that whole art and accessorizing part).

+ started catching up on Breaking Bad. So. Good. Still driving me crazy: the fact that Time Warner and CBS have not figured out their shiz yet, and I can’t watch Dexter. We’re now like 4 episodes behind! If you’re in a Time Warner market that currently doesn’t broadcast CBS or Showtime, you totally know what I’m talking about (how insane is it that cable subscribers in New York can’t watch CBS?!?!)

+ took Lisa’s advice and bought myself an external hard drive to back up all my biz files. I’ll sleep a little more soundly!

+ spoiled myself and bought this book on Versailles for our new living room coffee table. I’ve already read another (non-picture) book on the chateau and can’t wait to learn even more. It’s endlessly fascinating to me!

+ ordered a gold leafing kit, as recommended in this post. I’m going to try it out on that mirror I found at the thrift store. Stay tuned…

What are you up to this fine August weekend? Laying low before Labor Day next week? This weekend, we’ll be running some errands (always), and double dating with some friends (always fun). I’m also getting sick of all the piles of stuff still living in and along various corners and walls in our house, so I think it might be time to tackle those too (always gratifying).

Wherever you are this weekend, I hope it’s a good one! See you Monday, friends.

{Image Credit: Tine K Home, via Myke Minutter blog and Pinterest}

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  1. 8.23.13
    Becca said:

    How is it already almost Labor Day?! I’m so glad you are settling in to life in NYC, and am loving all your tips and links on your decorating process. Now I am on the hunt for a fab coffee table book, too! Happy Friday!

  2. 8.23.13
    Kodi said:

    Time Warner not figuring their business out leads to people in Green Bay only being able to watch the Green Bay Packer games in Spanish. Facebook explodes with anger every time they play!
    grey et al

  3. 8.23.13

    Can’t wait for our game night! Your week was far more productive than mine – I feel SO behind on…well, everything.

  4. 8.23.13
    Kayla said:

    Ooo! That leafing kit looks really fun! Have a wonderful weekend! : )


  5. 8.23.13

    Sorry you’re missing Dexter, it’s pretty interesting this season!

  6. 8.23.13

    Your blog is lovely! Visit mine, I hope you like it :) http://www.5ws-and-1h.blogspot.mx/

  7. 8.23.13

    Yayyy! Can’t wait to hear all about your new furniture – and your gold leafing adventure :)) Happy weekend darling!

  8. 8.24.13

    I just got started on Breaking Bad — addicted!

    Can’t wait to see how gold-leafing comes out, I’ve always wanted to try.

  9. 8.24.13
    Ailee said:

    Versailles is a dream! I’m currently reading The Paris Wife and cannot put it down. I can’t wait to see the gold leaf results. xo

  10. 8.25.13

    Just found your blog and loving it already! I’m now following pretty much everywhere (twitter, fb, instagram & pinterest) & can’t wait to see more of your posts. Looking forward to a post on that gold leafing kit you just ordered. =0)