I’m Loving…

I'm Loving...

(one) I saw a girl rocking red skinnies and light gray Hunter rain boots the other day, and thought the combo was so chic and interesting. I believe that in general color theory terms, it’s not really supposed to work, but there’s something about how they play off one another that I found so eye-catching and fresh. I have these Minnie’s in red (remember?), and I can’t wait for the weather to get a little cooler to pair it with a variety of gray sweaters I own. (two) Ann Taylor. I mean, seriously? Have you guys checked out their site lately? They have really been stepping it up and I can’t believe that what I’m seeing is actually Ann Taylor! I used to shop there in college — to get suits we were required to wear for business presentations. You’ve come a long way, Ann. (three) I have been longing for a Louis Philippe style mirror for my living room, but they’re notoriously pricey. I couldn’t believe it when I happened upon this one in a thrift store over the weekend — for fifty bones! I’m going to paint it (easiest DIY ever) and love it forever. Bonus points to Joe, who was the one who suggested we check out the thrift shop in the first place. (four) No seriously, Ann Taylor. (five) Aromatherapy Associates very kindly gifted me a whole goody bag of their skincare products. I have yet to dive into any of the others, but the first thing I tried out was their Overnight Repair Mask. I layer it over my favorite facial oil, then go to sleep. You wake up with baby soft, smooth skin, and I personally think it’s reduced the size of my cheek pores. Pricey, but a perfect once per week or once every two week indulgence. (six) I saw these pretty candles in Anthro the other day and was so charmed by their pottery look. And then you open and smell them and realize you need every single scent. Hashtag candle hoarder.

What are you loving right now?


1. Gray sweater, TopShop; Red Pants, J.Crew (on sale!) | 2. Cerie Shoes, Ann Taylor | 3. Mirror found here | 4. Gallery Pendant Necklace, Ann Taylor | 5. Overnight Repair Mask, Aromatherapy Associates | 6. Jacinta Candle Pot, Anthropologie

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  1. 8.20.13

    that necklace is heaven!

  2. 8.20.13
    Whitney said:

    I need those shoes, and candles. I mean, you can never have too many candles!


  3. 8.20.13

    The Ann Taylor necklace is gorgeous, great find with that mirror!

  4. 8.20.13
    Kayla said:

    ooo! That red + gray is so pretty together! Will definitely have to try that!


  5. 8.20.13
    Ginet said:

    Love the gray and red!

  6. 8.20.13

    That necklace is gorgeous!! Ann Taylor has really been stepping it up lately. And I’m loving the red and grey combo — I might have to try that for a work-look this week.

  7. 8.20.13
    Kristina said:

    Oh my gosh looove the booties, I can’t believe they’re Ann Taylor either!

    Kristina does the Internets

  8. 8.20.13
    Caroline said:

    Red + Gray = genius! LOVE that color combo!

  9. 8.20.13
    dana said:

    great picks! love the red and grey combo… very unique

    The Casual Classic

  10. 8.20.13
    Bri said:

    Great finds! Love that red and gray combo too. Perfect for now and later.
    xo- BB

  11. 8.20.13
    meg said:
  12. 8.20.13
    Ailee said:

    I am now loving those shoes! Gorgeous!!

    • 8.20.13
      Ailee said:

      >> and tulle skirts and burrata cheese. Have you tried it before?

      • 8.20.13
        vmacandcheese said:

        Obviously. Best done simply with a sprinkle of coarse sea salt, really good olive oil, and some crostini! Divine. Okay, some prosciutto on the side is pretty good too. :)

        • 8.20.13
          Ailee said:

          I’ve only been served it at restaurants – is it good when bought at the grocery store? Ah, now I’m hungry. Go figure my favorite cheese would be the one mixed with cream. Just my luck ;)

          • 8.20.13
            vmacandcheese said:

            When I lived in SF, you could get it at good local cheese shops — check your area for a specialty foods or cheese store, they’ll probably have it!! Sometimes Whole Foods gets it in too, and it’s pretty good!

            Years ago I saw them make it on a Food Network show (I think a really early Giada deLaurentiis special, when Everyday Italian was still on, and she flew to Italy to do a food tour). It was drool inducing.

  13. 8.20.13
    Ashley said:

    Well helloooo Ann Taylor! Shocked- I would never have guessed they came from there!

  14. 8.20.13

    I can’t believe the new Ann Taylor fall line! I checked it out at their Birchbox event the other night and it blew me away.

  15. 8.20.13

    looooooooove those ann taylor heels!! and now that i can get back to my heels without feeling like i will fall over, i’m all over some new treats :)

    • 8.20.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Heart you! Congratulations!