DIY gold foil vases - from Martha Stewart

This week I…

+ feel like the week absolutely flew. I really can’t believe it’s Friday…and how quickly Labor Day is approaching! Anyone else feel like they woke up and the week was gone?

+ had a great time on Wednesday night at DreamDry, where my friend Grace was hosting a blowout and DIY crafts event (so fun!). After, I had the best dinner at Almond with Jessica, Hitha, and Julia…so much so that I’m taking the mister back there tonight!

+ finally received my giant pinboard in the mail after it being backordered for a while. We have virtually no other furniture for the office (I know, still), but at least my inspiration wall can start to take shape!

+ downloaded this book after Clara’s recommendation. Really interested to dive in to this one — especially since I may or may not obsessively watch Real Housewives!

+ made banana bread, just because. I’ll share my on the fly recipe next week!

+ love the DIY idea in the photograph above — you take metal rolls of gold and copper and wrap simple vases in them, and just adhere with tape. Genius!

This weekend and next week will be busy ones. Joe and I are starting a new thing called ‘mystery date.’ The idea is one of us will plan a whole night out on Friday, picking a new neighborhood, restaurant, or activity that will help us explore new parts of the city, but the other person has no idea where we’re going or what we’re doing. I’m taking him to Almond tonight (which he already figured out, womp womp), but he still doesn’t know the other parts of our mystery date!

Tomorrow my sister-in-law and nephew are coming over to visit, and Meg is coming up from DC to spend the weekend in NY! Next week, I’ll be in Chicago for a couple days for a work trip…aaand by this time next week, I’ll be ready for a nap.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

{Image Credit: Sylvie Becquet for Martha Stewart Weddings}

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  1. 8.16.13
    Daina said:

    Oh, mystery dates sound so fun! A friend does a similar activity with her kids that I have always wanted to try with my boyfriend- they draw out of a hat a subway line, the number of stops, and the direction. When they arrive they get out and explore! A little more up to fate, but a great way to get to neighborhoods less traveled!

    My favorite NYC mystery date was on my birthday several years ago- Brian took me to the oldest Russian bath house in the east village! I was definitely surprised when I was told to bring a swimsuit in the middle of January!

  2. 8.16.13
    Jasmin said:

    The mystery date idea sounds really awesome! What do you use to read eBooks? (Kindle – what type, iPad, computer, phone?)

    • 8.16.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      I use an iPad Mini that runs both the Kindle and Nook apps (before I had an iPad Mini, I used a Barnes & Noble Nook…so I use the Nook app to view old books. Overall though, I really love using the iPad mini for reading!)

  3. 8.16.13

    Crafts + Blow Outs? That sounds like an amazing night!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. 8.16.13
    Kayla said:

    LOVE that pinboard! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! : )


  5. 8.16.13

    I’ve been thinking of reading her book too. Let us know how it is!

  6. 8.16.13
    Maryn said:

    Love the idea of mystery date! Would be a good way of surrendering my control freak self… :)

  7. 8.16.13
    Maggie said:

    Her book is amazing, and I cried so hard.

  8. 8.16.13

    I love mystery dates! We did that a little bit when we lived in NYC, but now that we’re in California my boyfriend and I do these morning mystery dates, where we typically pick up breakfast from a new spot and take it to a different beach or park each weekend — or at least we try to do it each weekend.

    Great idea!

  9. 8.16.13

    A giant pin board sounds like so much fun!

  10. 8.16.13

    What a great DIY idea!

  11. 8.16.13
    taylor said:

    you’ll love what remains – I did it on audiobook during my lengthy commutes – it is sad but she is such a great writer!


  12. 8.16.13
    Nichole said:

    Victoria, where are your striped shirt and jacket you wore to the DreamDry event from? LOVE them!

    • 8.16.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      Aw, shucks, thank you! The little jacket is from J.Crew, I got it last year. I think it came out around this time (it was definitely part of their fall collection) so check with them soon to see if they have anything similar. The striped peplum top is from Anthro and I JUST got it on sale like two weeks ago — check your local store, they might still have some (the one by me had a ton of them, for $20 each!)

  13. 8.17.13
  14. 8.19.13

    Love the DIY tip about using sheets of gold/copper to transform an ordinary vase – so clever! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  15. 8.22.13

    I love the mystery date idea. We live in Charlotte and somehow always stay within Dilworth, Southend and Myers Park. I’ve been telling my husband we need to explore more and I think this idea may be the ticket!
    – Heath

    • 8.22.13
      vmacandcheese said:

      For what it’s worth, the mystery date last Friday was a huge success! We had such a fun time, and Joe was even excited about planning the next one, which we’re going to do over Labor Day weekend. Give it a shot!