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  1. 8.15.13
    meg said:

    Love all of the tidbits!


  2. 8.15.13

    So much fun! Love this interview.

  3. 8.15.13

    I wish I was better at purging my closet! And I love these features, Victoria!

  4. 8.15.13
    Kayla said:

    Will definitely have to stop by her blog! How yummy does that ice cream look? omg!


  5. 8.15.13
    Alyssa said:

    I love Clara’s blog–I never knew she grew up in Rhinebeck! I went to school right by there, and I always enjoyed walking through the town on weekends.

  6. 8.15.13
    Elizabeth said:

    Oh I just love this series!!! I kind of want to go to Singapore now. I need to be more like Clara about my closet. ugh! Off to check out her blog. Thanks for the introduction. xoxo

  7. 8.15.13
    kendall said:

    love the advice! so true! x

  8. 8.15.13

    Love the way you put these together! Her blog is one of my favorites. Someone should make a print out of that quote. So true!

  9. 8.15.13
    Daina said:

    Oh, I love this series! I would love to participate if you are ever looking for more New Yorkers! Such fun, quick, and interesting questions!

  10. 8.15.13
    Kirby said:

    I am with her on purging your closet. Such a good feeling!

  11. 8.16.13

    I love this column! (May be my favorite because we all have these little facts that rarely just “come up” in conversation.) Great job, Victoria!

  12. 8.17.13

    I love her blog! Thanks for turning me onto it!

  13. 8.17.13
    the egg said:

    love this little series and yes, pickles are the best by far~

    xo The Egg

  14. 10.3.13
    Meena said:

    I love Clara and her blog CC! And glad I stumbled upon your blog via hers. Love these bios- so much more fun than Q&A plain-text profiles!!